Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Sri Al-Huda Visit

as i had talked about before, i went to visit my primary school in Gombak last Sunday. They were having a canteen Day so i just took the chance to meet up with some old friends and teachers who i haven't seen for almost 10years now. i went out really early in the morning trying to catch the 8am bus from melaka to KL. i got panicked just when i stepped into Melaka Central bus ticket counters cause all tickets to KL for that day were sold out! the Transnational Bus and KKKL bus.. the only bus available was at 11.30.. sure I couldn't make it early to KL.. so i just thought about getting a bus to Seremban then i can take a commuter to KL Central and started to plan out my journey from there. but Thank God, i then think it's better if I look at all counters first who knows if there's still tickets left... so i wondered around the ticket booth area and yuppp!!! there's still a ticket to KL at 8.30am Delima Bus fuhhhhhh!!! it was a straight ride to KL no stop at anywhere.. so it just took exactly 2 hours to reach Pudu.. then i tried to find the Star LRT station which i'm not very familiar with.. well haven't been to KL for quite a long time now .. i could just walk to the Putra LRT station at Masjid Jamek but i just too lazy to walk there and my shoes i was wearing was not very suitable for a long walk hihihi... so i asked the guard in the Pudu of its whereabout... and yeah i couldn't find any signboard showing the direction of it anywhere so i just followed some school boys who confidently i thought they were going the same direction as me haha... ok from there had to pass 1 station then change to Putra LRT from Masjid Jamek to Taman Melati... it only took about 1 hour from Pudu to Taman Melati.. then the worst part was i had to wait for Diba for about an hour! huhuhhh... and guess what?? she came with a C200 Kompressor Merc!! The funniest part is during the 1 hour waiting, i kept looking and checking the drivers if there's any Kancil or Proton passing by the road hahahh until when she texted me telling that she's already there and asked me to look out for a Merc *** (her plat number)..and i was like huh??? haha .. she bring along her brother and her friend in Kusza.. hmmm she didn't change much since last i seen her 10 years ago.. still a recognisable face and yeah still talkative heheh... then we stopped at Greenwood to pick up Mida... hmm i've seen Mida last 2 years so nothing changes too much..

we arrived at school around 12.45 and i could see Gombak had really changed a lot!! the mosque near the T-junction to my school had became larger! and there's loads of buildings along the road that i can barely seen the small road to my school... the field next to my school where i used to play a lot had gone.. there was a flat built there... and the school itself had become packed but yeah more colourful and look great!! but they now are in process of moving to other area near there which is bigger so more students can be fit in.. hmm yeah there's still many of my teachers there... i was really glad to see them! some of them had changed yeah of course! here are some pictures of them

Ustaz Azhar.. he's not working there anymore... he used to teach us Fardhu Ain... and yeah he still look exactly the same as last time i saw him making me asked him
"Ustaz da kawen ke?"
Mida: "eh dahla haja da 5 da anak Ustaz"

Ustazah Maimunah ,our Quran teacher, anything to do with Quran, read, Tajwid etc.. she's not wearing glass anymore.. and i can still remember she was the most strict teacher and used to pinch me on my cheek for not memorizing the first few sentence of Surah Al-Baqarah huhuhuhhhh

Ustaz Mahama our Arabic teacher and the funniest teacher of all and he still funny as the way he was! heheh.. he's from Thailand and he always wrote Thai on the blackboard haha.. he saw Diba's brother and asked
"tu siapa?"
"adik saya ustaz"
"ohhh adik saya.ingat abang..abang kasih"
and when we asked to take picture with him
"Ustaz jomla ambik gambar"
"eh ustaz xleh ambik gambar (with a serious look).. Ustaz pante"
"pantangla ustaz"
"haa yelah ustaz pantang"
ater taking picture
"boleh ke tgk?cantik

and Diba's brother passed him the camera
"x cantek pong... ustaz nak boleh? nanti kamu bagi kat ustaz ye"
"ok ustaz nanti kitorang cuci bagi kat ustaz"
heheh.... he's so cute! and his wife was busy with her Thailand Cookings stall so we haven't took picture with her.. but i tried one of the food can't remember the was some kind of leaf looked like daun sireh then she put a bit small cut onions,ginger,nuts etc...and black chilli ketchup on them... it's NYUMMY!!! i tell ya!! it was a bit crunchy and spicy nyumnyum!!

Teacher Ramlah.. she didn't teach us but she know us well cause we were her daughter classmate, Gayah..

Ustazah Suriati

Ustazah Suhani..our Science teacher.. it was really hard to take her picture!!! huhuhh... and she's so funny she asked us to come back on Tuesday so she'll look pretty and neat ... you are pretty la Ustazah!

Ustazah Badariah and Ustazah Azwa... she still remember us cause Diba was a School Sajak presenter and i was in Debate Team.. and also Diba's backdrop actress huhuhh... it was about people nowadays trowing their own babies and i was acting like one of them haha funny!! but well we made it to the 1st place !!heheh..

my Math teacher who i love soo much!! glad she still know me!! but she's very busy on the day cause she's the headmistress now so we didn't talk so much that day

Ustazah Rosnah with her son

our Stardard 6 classroom heheh ..very colourful now

there it is my primary shool Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Huda this school so much!!
from left: Mida and Diba

after that we went to Diba's house in Kepong very near to FRIM.. her mom cook us Nasi Goreng hmmm nyummy!!! then we went to FRIM area which is a reserve forest area so there was a waterfall area which was very relaxing!! and we really want to jump into it but we didn't bring any spare we planned to go again someday this week or next week yeayyyy!!!! after that Diba dropped us at Kepong central to catch commuter parents picked me up at Nilai Station and stopped by our house in sepang for a while and then straight back to Melaka...arrived at around 1 am...huhhhh it was really a great day and yeah exhausting!!!

at the waterfall.. i borrowed Diba's pants so i can put my feet in the cold water!! hehe
we talked about so many old stuff:
about the boys we used to admire... huhuhhh only us know who they were hehehh
about me loved to write no
vel and they were lovin it!! hahahh stupid ghost story..all i can remember is this line: "i walked pass the Muslim Cemetory and my shoes sound like 'tap tap tap'..then i walked pass the Chinese Cemetory and it sounds like 'chin chin chin'..then i walked pass the Indian Cemetory and it sounds 'kling kling kling'..." huhhh i really don't have any idea how i got those storyline!!haha
about they loved to stay at my house pretending like we were studying math
about how we were so hungry and Diba was the one who cook us the fried egg
about me and Mida tried to make a milk-tea but taste horrible!!
and other very memorable stuff that we can just wish to happen again!! urghhh i really miss those times!!

3 of us... going home...


  1. SOunds like u had a fantastic time with your friends going down memory lane! yeah i can see how going back to see your old school made you all nostalgic for the good old days!
    Love the are all beautiful!
    have a great day & take care Salam

  2. assalammualikum saye maryam saya skolah kat situ sekarang saye seronok sgt bace cerite akak .