Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dear the boy who sells Nasi Lemak Kampung next to HELP Uni..

I stepped down the van  and since it stopped right in front of this one nasi lemak stand, i just went straight to it.. more, the bright "Nasi Lemak Kampung RM1.00" signs caught my attention from far. The boy paused from doing his homework and cheerfully greeted me.

"Seringgit satu kak. Akak nak berapa?"
"Bagi satu dik"
"Cukup ke kak?" <evil laugh>
"Cukup lah dik" <big sisterly smile>

Hye adik, this morning u have accidentally made my day, thank you!


This morning my manager briefed me on my job scope.. well, i finished my 1.5 month training on Oracle... I enjoyed the training a lot! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a formal training where trainees go into classes listening to lectures & do labs... this training is more like a coursebook training, that's how they call it, a Coursebook Training.. where basically most of my office-hour was spent on self-studying the training materials, do the case studies at the end of each chapter and complete the exercises after each topic.. A mentor was assigned to me to guide me throughout my training period. Thanks a lot to him! :D

After the training, I cannot yet say that I am already good in Oracle and the language (PL/SQL), but I hope the training will equip me adequately to start off the tasks that I am going to handle after this.. I consider myself lucky to always have a very good Manager. He already pat me on the back this morning during our first formal task-related meeting.

~ Happy ~

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Let's Save The Environment

Today marks the first day of me taking the public transportation to work, yeay! hmmm it's not too bad at all! Before this, I don't know why I haven't thought of taking public transportation from Sepang to Damansara. Maybe the idea of only people living & working near KL can enjoy the ample infrastructures which are majorly around KL without realizing the fact that my office is just next to the KL, haishhh -_-' or maybe the fact that Sepang is too far away from the central augments the thoughts...

Well, anyway.. there is actually another girl staying nearby as well... *ok ko ingat ko sorang je la duduk jauh???* so she asked me to try follow her taking the erl from here to kl central.. then we took the 'unofficial' van which drove us straight to our office area.. so yeah, the journey wasn't bad at all i would say.. at least i can save nearly half on my transportation expenditures compared to driving my own car... which means i can put aside a portion of what i earn monthly for other stuff such as ........ getting married! yeay! :p and..... a trip to the USA next year maybe? cross finger! but the latter is quite unlikely... ah no harm in daydreaming aite? 'Keep dreaming & make the dreams reality' once, a guy told me this... and i was once a heavy-daydreamer ;-p

The fares are expensive if u buy daily... but fortunately there is a Travel Fares for frequent erl travellers.. I got mine a 30-days travel card which cost rm285 for travelling from Salak to KL Central.. this will valid for 60 trips used in a month... if i were to pay daily fares, that would cost me rm25/day... so that's a lot of saving!

This afternoon, my office had a birthday bash to all the January babies... ehemmm... yours sincerely is one of them :p so, here i would really LOVE to wish all my friends & readers who are January babies a Happy & Blissful year ahead! Hope u live a joyful & cheerful life, go chase your dreams & live happily and be u as much as u can! ok?


Saturday, 22 January 2011

I Want To Fly To India Right Now!

... to get MANY of these ohhh sooo vibrantly gorgeous Salwar Kameez!

My mom bought each of her daughters saris during her trip to India few weeks back.. I got 2 of them.. the first one is a very bright color combination of pink and blue.. the material is kind of silk to cotton type... yeah i am sooo damn clueless about fabrics! -_-' while the other one i picked the more soft nature's very flowy & soft to the hands.. At first i thought just to make a simple kurung lama with the A-shaped skirt (so that I could wear it as skirt alone as well :p) and a simple kurung modern out of them.. but then i thought since they are saris, why not try to make an Indian-style dress right? so i searched on the internet and found this very cool website selling & customising saris design. So girls, u might want to check it out! Designer Salwar Kameez

These are few designs that seriously catched my eyes.

I love the wide pants design!!!
something tunic?
Or layer them? pretty nice!

See the selendang??? that's another reason for flying to India too!

I love how saris make weird combination of colors seem  charming!

the colors!


My ultimate obsession of all! see how she wears the head scarf? OMG! so gorgeous!

Hey all.. do u by any chance know any tailor who can make beutiful salwar kameez like those? with affordable price too :p care to share? do you think i can find any around Jalan TAR? and i want to look for those bright color skinny pants too!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Early relieves

I just told my mom about my job-switch... u know it's never been easy talking about career with my parents... i think those who both parents are working with the government and having the 'work with gov for brighter future' mindset might know how it actually is.. but her response was quite positive when i briefly answered her questions on the company's history, how many staff, bla bla bla.. and i think this was the first time i got the guts to honestly explain what i really want in my career, what kind of job i want to do, the environment i want to be working in, the reasons why i wasn't happy and left my previous job & why i do not want to join the G and why the no interest in trying my luck to become one of the PTDs. I hope she understands & most importantly my dad will too although it's highly unlikely.

I saw a bit of disappointment when i told her it's been 3 weeks since i started... i am very sorry mak :'( i was just too afraid to tell my parents and i don't want anything or anyone to hinder me from walking this path.. i know where i am going and u don't have to worry.. i never knew if this was a right decision but no worries, i sure to make it one.

I think i will just let my mom to pass on this 'news' to my dad since i will never ever have the guts to tell him straight to his face.. u know.. quitting out from GLC into private company?? nak kene sepak??? huhuuuu..

But she needs to tell him eventually because i also brought up my plea to stay at one of their houses around  KL.. hopefully he approves :) staying here in sepang is the best! but filling up the tank every 3 days is errrrr -_- unless i have the 5 angka salary lohhh

Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year + a week of 2011 everyone!

I know I'm late but who cares ~

Well this year I was blessed to have an unplanned get together on New Year's Eve with my 2 besties since Standard 1! It wasn't extravagant but just a simple chitchatting session at warung stall.. we gossiped, laughed .. OUT LOUD .. talk about stuff that we rarely share with anyone... a bit of walking down the memory lane.. well.. it's a longggg lane considering we've known each other since like forever!.. Diba is getting married this March, so most of the topics are marriage-related :p it was fun!

Hmmm... i guess 2010 was an eventful .. a bit emotional...  year for me.. but afterall my life was pretty normal just like any other girl-next-door around.. just for the fun of it, lets just list down the well-that's-normal stuff happened around last year shall we? --Not in any particular order--

** i finally quit my first job.. without any job lined up.. without my families & my friends knew about it.. and i almost broke

** i was totally unemployed for around 3 months.. starting after raya until 22nd november

** i joined the MSC job camp training program.. it was fun! i've made good friends there!

** resigned from the job camp when eventually a company recognised me & offering me the dream job i've always see myself in :)

** being a part of CPS Neoxers

** was thrown out of somewhere

** Baby Neo!

** the guy i had a crush on asked me out.. but he's married.. a relief to me by the way

** the 101010 reunion with my girls!

** my brother got home for 3 months

** someone asked me to date him & make me smile everyday.. thank you :)

i wonder what 2011 will bring to me... focuses will be on my career, family-time & hopefully i have a glimpse of whom my future hubby is *wink* :-)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Programming Aptitude Test

I was called by 1 company last week. Well i went to the jobstreet career fair few weeks ago and i think i dropped my resume to 4 companies where 3 of them are IT base positions while another 1 is system automation engineer. One of the IT position which was Analyst Programmer called me to attend their screening test. They called on monday and give me options whether to test on the following tuesday or thursday.. Well of course i picked thursday! Huhu.. 

I was concerned if the test would be anything related to technical side of the position i applied for, but the HR lady assured me that it got nothing to do with programming. Candidates only need to be creative in answering the questions. I was relieved to hear that, since i have left my programming skill way too long ago haishhhh.. But to be a programmer has been always my dream career for your information :) but by looking at my capabilities now, i don't think it's enough yet.. So no high hopes on this..

Speaking about the test, there was 2 parts. Part 1 was mix of math & programming... I couldn't really answered this part huhuhh.. We had to answer only 1 question out of 9.. It was basically we need to solve mathematics by assuming that we are a 1 or 0 machine ourselves, or by other words, imagine yourselves as a calculator.. It's tough yes..The second part was fun! It was more on logical thinking and being creative to reach to the answer but the questions are still mix of both math and programming... I'm glad i answered part 2 first. There were 4 questions to be answered. No option. I spent around an hour on those 4 questions and another hour on that 1 question on part 1 huhuhhh...

They will contact us on the result this monday, so cross finger!

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Yes, our mission 8 years ago. The mission of 14 hearts (wah wah tiru ayat has ;p)

We are the girls of 416/4P ~ 516/5P graduated year 2002 from MRSM Jasin. (Still cannot see it as MRSM Baba!) We were VERY close but never close with the boys hahah! Many great memories together..

The PD & Pangkor getaways... remember we just passed through the pak guard in ven sapu pretending that we were the IKM students? ; kene jalan itik ramai2 sebab nakal sangat! ; helplessly on board of a lorry with our bicycles in Pangkor after each one of us could not make it anymore on the hilly trails; all of us were sent to Kem Remaja Solehah specially for 'good' students but we enjoyed it a lot! ; our small business on cempedak goreng, kueh tiow etc..., when anyone asked why did we do that we just answered "kitorang ada misi & visi kitorang!" hahahhh... and the mission was to have a blast getaway to Pangkor right? the late night party behind hostel block; our unofficial Bilik Gerakan; had a confrontation with the boys since we really could not get along well with them; almost never prep in class; Kareem minum minyak tanah kat PD! ; the Nasik Impit Kuah Kacang futsal team; and MANY more!! All of them are priceless ok!

And I am grateful that we did thought about the time bullet, that's the only way we can gather all of us again right? So talking about our time bullet. Each one of us wrote / put together something and left them inside a biscuit tin (tu je la yang mampu as a 17 year old kan?) haha... I think only azza & wani did not left anything in there.. And we promised to unveil everything on 101010, 8 years later. On 28th Nov 2002, the day after our last SPM paper, Prinsip Akaun, me, yuli, nana, zuey & kareem were unofficially responsible for the keepsakes. We found a hoe at our Kimia teacher's house. And there we were, digging the school's earth. We chose the location very randomly I would say. It was behind the girl hostel block (G). At the very corner of it. So it's basically at the right corner of the school's back rear compound.

Me 4 years after, the marking stone is still there surprisingly
8 years later, tarikh keramat 101010. Everyone was excited! We managed to gather 10 of us which is great! Ironically, most of us are still the same haha... we were out from our Homestay at almost noon.. and it took around 1 hour to reach the school.. The guard had a bit issues with us getting into the school.. yeah we can't really call ourselves visitors can we? we went with 2 myvis btw.. but at last we were allowed in..

We stopped by Dewan Bendahara (DeBen) first to meet our Math Modern teacher, Cikgu Noraini. Then we straight to Block G hostel (mine). Excitingly walked to the back of the hostel where we buried the bullet.. we were surprised to see the unexpected big water tank built on the area! huwahhhhhh! WTH! I was like... OMG! did they build the tank ON it?? and it was fenced! we ran to the fences at the end and there was a small area secured only by wired fences. Ima think no more, she just crossed over the fence hahahh.. then followed by zura, when looking at us hesitating whether to cross or not, zura blurted out "korang, INI MISI KITA!" haha, now u know where the theme came from! and as were injected with some kind of magic drugs, we went through the fence one after another.. huhhh we never been skema students anyway kan? haha .. except for huda who said this "ala takkan nak panjat, aku skema" hahahahaha sempat tu!

After Aida, Huda & Azza dealt with the Mrs. Guard
Cikgu Noraini
The digging out our treasure process wasn't easy either.. we are lucky to have Ima in the team! hehehh.. and not to forget Kareem for went back to the car to get the pictures of us burying the capsule last 8 years.. the pic helped A LOT!! Although we can't see the whole scene in the pictures, we still can play teka-teki ;p and again, zura our savior! Because they have built the water tank, the area where we kept the capsule which is right next to it has been accumulated by soil making the ground higher than it used to. We searched for the marking stone but to no avail.. I guess it was totally covered by the soil.. We searched for clues through the pictures... the trees, the fences, fence dividers etc.. it's quite easy to locate the location but not exactly.. zura brought out the brilliant idea of counting the diamond-shape of the fence hence we won't waste our time digging out a big hole, remember the ground has become higher making it harder to dig. Anyway we were very lucky to not get caught by any student... I don't know where they are exactly since I think it's very clear for anyone to see us from the hostel windows.

Hero of the day - Ima, initially randomly digging anywhere haha!
Miss Azza in action
The first sign! Everyone went AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Haha sweet! Aisyah & Ima
Analysing the pictures, Our only hope!
Happy faces :D
The ground is full with dry leaves & ants! Kami sangat tabah! On the right is where the big water tank is..
It took us around an hour kan gurls to reveal the first sign of the black plastik sampah! The feeling at the time was Priceless!!! It still there after 8 freaking years!!! It waits for us, the ground protects it for any new development! ohhh emo! hahaaa .. the thing has terribly out of shape, the tin has been compressed into the shape of whatever inside it, the outer objects were definitely unrecognizable! It was filled up with soils and water...and a bit smelly too huhuu.. we wander around the school, our class for a while after tidying up the stuff.. then we stopped by Cikgu Rosni's house, our Prinsip Akaun teacher back then for a little gossip updates session ;P

kemek da tin!
516 class! Ohhh memories! Me & Zura were right on our desks!
Block F representatives; Huda, Wani, Aida, Azza, Ima
Block E; Aisyah
The G; Miza, Kareem, Zura, Yours sincerely :)
standing at the missing door.. the guys used to write all our names on it.. now it's gone :(

Stairs to our 416 class
Reached the homestay, we were straight away served with fantastic lunch! Semua lapa x hingat! And then it's finally the time to reveal all the stuff / secrets / whatever in the time bullet :D Big thanks to Uncle for helping us to cut the tins.. It's not easy, really.. and the rest of the project is HISTORY :) You girls are the best ok! We should do this more often.. erk i mean the getaways! heheh

treasures!!! ;p
oh oh
full of beautiful words!
Thanks a lot uncle for helping us out!