Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Let's Save The Environment

Today marks the first day of me taking the public transportation to work, yeay! hmmm it's not too bad at all! Before this, I don't know why I haven't thought of taking public transportation from Sepang to Damansara. Maybe the idea of only people living & working near KL can enjoy the ample infrastructures which are majorly around KL without realizing the fact that my office is just next to the KL, haishhh -_-' or maybe the fact that Sepang is too far away from the central augments the thoughts...

Well, anyway.. there is actually another girl staying nearby as well... *ok ko ingat ko sorang je la duduk jauh???* so she asked me to try follow her taking the erl from here to kl central.. then we took the 'unofficial' van which drove us straight to our office area.. so yeah, the journey wasn't bad at all i would say.. at least i can save nearly half on my transportation expenditures compared to driving my own car... which means i can put aside a portion of what i earn monthly for other stuff such as ........ getting married! yeay! :p and..... a trip to the USA next year maybe? cross finger! but the latter is quite unlikely... ah no harm in daydreaming aite? 'Keep dreaming & make the dreams reality' once, a guy told me this... and i was once a heavy-daydreamer ;-p

The fares are expensive if u buy daily... but fortunately there is a Travel Fares for frequent erl travellers.. I got mine a 30-days travel card which cost rm285 for travelling from Salak to KL Central.. this will valid for 60 trips used in a month... if i were to pay daily fares, that would cost me rm25/day... so that's a lot of saving!

This afternoon, my office had a birthday bash to all the January babies... ehemmm... yours sincerely is one of them :p so, here i would really LOVE to wish all my friends & readers who are January babies a Happy & Blissful year ahead! Hope u live a joyful & cheerful life, go chase your dreams & live happily and be u as much as u can! ok?


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