Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dear the boy who sells Nasi Lemak Kampung next to HELP Uni..

I stepped down the van  and since it stopped right in front of this one nasi lemak stand, i just went straight to it.. more, the bright "Nasi Lemak Kampung RM1.00" signs caught my attention from far. The boy paused from doing his homework and cheerfully greeted me.

"Seringgit satu kak. Akak nak berapa?"
"Bagi satu dik"
"Cukup ke kak?" <evil laugh>
"Cukup lah dik" <big sisterly smile>

Hye adik, this morning u have accidentally made my day, thank you!


This morning my manager briefed me on my job scope.. well, i finished my 1.5 month training on Oracle... I enjoyed the training a lot! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a formal training where trainees go into classes listening to lectures & do labs... this training is more like a coursebook training, that's how they call it, a Coursebook Training.. where basically most of my office-hour was spent on self-studying the training materials, do the case studies at the end of each chapter and complete the exercises after each topic.. A mentor was assigned to me to guide me throughout my training period. Thanks a lot to him! :D

After the training, I cannot yet say that I am already good in Oracle and the language (PL/SQL), but I hope the training will equip me adequately to start off the tasks that I am going to handle after this.. I consider myself lucky to always have a very good Manager. He already pat me on the back this morning during our first formal task-related meeting.

~ Happy ~

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