Saturday, 8 January 2011

Early relieves

I just told my mom about my job-switch... u know it's never been easy talking about career with my parents... i think those who both parents are working with the government and having the 'work with gov for brighter future' mindset might know how it actually is.. but her response was quite positive when i briefly answered her questions on the company's history, how many staff, bla bla bla.. and i think this was the first time i got the guts to honestly explain what i really want in my career, what kind of job i want to do, the environment i want to be working in, the reasons why i wasn't happy and left my previous job & why i do not want to join the G and why the no interest in trying my luck to become one of the PTDs. I hope she understands & most importantly my dad will too although it's highly unlikely.

I saw a bit of disappointment when i told her it's been 3 weeks since i started... i am very sorry mak :'( i was just too afraid to tell my parents and i don't want anything or anyone to hinder me from walking this path.. i know where i am going and u don't have to worry.. i never knew if this was a right decision but no worries, i sure to make it one.

I think i will just let my mom to pass on this 'news' to my dad since i will never ever have the guts to tell him straight to his face.. u know.. quitting out from GLC into private company?? nak kene sepak??? huhuuuu..

But she needs to tell him eventually because i also brought up my plea to stay at one of their houses around  KL.. hopefully he approves :) staying here in sepang is the best! but filling up the tank every 3 days is errrrr -_- unless i have the 5 angka salary lohhh


  1. haja..good luck with the new job, wishing you all the best tau! i'm sure you can expand your skills and knowledge in the new environment bcos you know yourself very well :) insyaAllah 2011 will be a better year for us..

  2. thank you aida!
    ko da try mintak proton ke? sorry time ko mesej aku tu, aku da bla da, so network da kurang huhuuu..
    r u still in ur previous job?

  3. Haja da pindah? so,pindah company mana sekarang?
    mana tau ada kaitan ngan aku..hehe..sedey gak tak byk kawan dalam bidang nih..=(
    btw, wish you all the best,Haja..
    p/s: my parents have the same thought bout gov too..huhu..

  4. aku kje system programmer wani, mmg lari gila dari bidang ko heheee..
    i wish u all the best gak!
    dah link blog ko kat cni tau! :p

  5. alaa Haja..yang penting, keje uh, kita buat dengan rasa hepi..huhu..
    aku nak tuka bidang pon, tatau bidang ape..minat nak berniaga makanan je..ahaks..
    jadik surirumah pon cam best je kann?=P

  6. ye setuju! yg penting kne enjoy buat kje tu kan, regardless la bidang apa pon kan kan?

    eyhh korang nye plan ape cerita? ko, azza n aida, macam gempak jer heheee