Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year + a week of 2011 everyone!

I know I'm late but who cares ~

Well this year I was blessed to have an unplanned get together on New Year's Eve with my 2 besties since Standard 1! It wasn't extravagant but just a simple chitchatting session at warung stall.. we gossiped, laughed .. OUT LOUD .. talk about stuff that we rarely share with anyone... a bit of walking down the memory lane.. well.. it's a longggg lane considering we've known each other since like forever!.. Diba is getting married this March, so most of the topics are marriage-related :p it was fun!

Hmmm... i guess 2010 was an eventful .. a bit emotional...  year for me.. but afterall my life was pretty normal just like any other girl-next-door around.. just for the fun of it, lets just list down the well-that's-normal stuff happened around last year shall we? --Not in any particular order--

** i finally quit my first job.. without any job lined up.. without my families & my friends knew about it.. and i almost broke

** i was totally unemployed for around 3 months.. starting after raya until 22nd november

** i joined the MSC job camp training program.. it was fun! i've made good friends there!

** resigned from the job camp when eventually a company recognised me & offering me the dream job i've always see myself in :)

** being a part of CPS Neoxers

** was thrown out of somewhere

** Baby Neo!

** the guy i had a crush on asked me out.. but he's married.. a relief to me by the way

** the 101010 reunion with my girls!

** my brother got home for 3 months

** someone asked me to date him & make me smile everyday.. thank you :)

i wonder what 2011 will bring to me... focuses will be on my career, family-time & hopefully i have a glimpse of whom my future hubby is *wink* :-)


  1. walawey, babe!

    u quit your job just like that, eh? very gutsy of you! no wonder you've been very quiet ;-) pandai betul simpan rahsia. hehe.

    your new job kat mana sekarang? KL kah?

  2. hahaha... kdg2 aku mmg buat something yg pelik2 bila org dgr huhu :p

    now aku kat Damansara Heights, tgh tgu approval parents aku ni either nk duduk taman melati / gombak! ^_^

  3. haaaaa/..haja!!! finally ko cite pon kat sni!! ehehehe......anyways, tell me more about your new job...... ade vacancy x? ahahahah