Saturday, 23 October 2010

Programming Aptitude Test

I was called by 1 company last week. Well i went to the jobstreet career fair few weeks ago and i think i dropped my resume to 4 companies where 3 of them are IT base positions while another 1 is system automation engineer. One of the IT position which was Analyst Programmer called me to attend their screening test. They called on monday and give me options whether to test on the following tuesday or thursday.. Well of course i picked thursday! Huhu.. 

I was concerned if the test would be anything related to technical side of the position i applied for, but the HR lady assured me that it got nothing to do with programming. Candidates only need to be creative in answering the questions. I was relieved to hear that, since i have left my programming skill way too long ago haishhhh.. But to be a programmer has been always my dream career for your information :) but by looking at my capabilities now, i don't think it's enough yet.. So no high hopes on this..

Speaking about the test, there was 2 parts. Part 1 was mix of math & programming... I couldn't really answered this part huhuhh.. We had to answer only 1 question out of 9.. It was basically we need to solve mathematics by assuming that we are a 1 or 0 machine ourselves, or by other words, imagine yourselves as a calculator.. It's tough yes..The second part was fun! It was more on logical thinking and being creative to reach to the answer but the questions are still mix of both math and programming... I'm glad i answered part 2 first. There were 4 questions to be answered. No option. I spent around an hour on those 4 questions and another hour on that 1 question on part 1 huhuhhh...

They will contact us on the result this monday, so cross finger!

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