Saturday, 2 October 2010

My Oh-So-La Beauty Regime Kan... Hehe

Was inspired to write on this by Firod. Promised her to post last night, but sorry I went to visit my cousin's new baby :-). So here it goes:

AM (Daily)
  1. Facial Wash. I'm using Olay Total Perfect at the moment. I don't really spend a lot on this. Any brand would do as long as it does not dry up my skin & can thoroughly cleanse away dirts & make up residuals. Previously I used SK-II cleanser, but the Olay one is way better!

  2. Toner. SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. I am going to change this to a cheaper brand huhuhhh since I don't think I need to splurge on toner anymore.

  3. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This one is good! I apply it around my eye area as well. But I am so tempting to try their new product, the Cellumination Essence but it's way too pricey! RM499 for 30ml??????? Gile! huhuhhh

  4. SK-II Facial Treatment Milk. This is a moisturizer which will keep the moisture balance of the skin. Since I have a rather combination skin i.e. oily around T-Zone & quite normal on other area, this one was recommended by the counter lady.

  5. UV Protection. The Bodyshop SPF25/PA+++ Cream.

  6. My daily very basic make-up: Ronasutra Mineral Powder, very little touch of blusher, highlighter under brow bond & inner corner of eyes, eye brow define, lip balm & color (ohh i love pink lip color!!! :mrgreen:).
When applying toner & essence, I prefer to use facial cotton ball over cotton pad because it's easier to apply the circular motion on skin. And while applying essence, moisturizer & spf, i always take time to pamper my skin with a little bit of light massages. Running the fingertips on skin, circular motion around ayes, upward motion on skin & neck and many more, just google! :-)

PM (Daily)
  1. Same as AM.

  2. Also same.

  3. Again. Same.

  4. Olay Radiance Night Cream.

  5. Lip Balm

  6. Dah, cukup! Mahu tido jer.
Every 3 Days

Before sleep, after face wash, I apply toner, and then scrub my face with Benefit Honey Scrub (Thanks Nawar for the recommendation! Totally loving it!), and toner again, essence & finally night cream. Sometimes I do mask my face if I got some from pharmacies / beauty outlets. So maskers are not really a routine for me. I usually look for them when I have some kind of special events or meetings on the following day. As for now, I love maskers from The Face Shop. A huge range & affordable stuff there!

Body, Feet & Hair

Well, shower twice a day. Generously apply & massage body lotion right after every shower. This could help to improve the natural body odor besides giving u smooth & supple skin. If u want to brighten the skin, u may look for brightening / whitening products. I use scrub every 3 days. Currently loving the Body Polish line by The Bodyshop. Hmm I might want to use back the bath lily I guess :roll:.

After the night skin regime routine before sleep, I will slather on foot cream on my feet & put on my sleep socks. Night socks are very loose & comfortable to wear. And trust me, this one prevents my heels from drying & cracking!

Hair... hmmm my hair is not very healthy I guess. I have hair fall problem. Currently I'm using Bio-Iss hair gel twice a day. This product was recommended by the saloon lady I went few weeks back. This gel claims to strengthen the hair root & help us to have a healthy scalp by massaging the gel on the scalp at least twice a day. I've been using this for about 2 weeks now & have noticed an impressive reduction of dandruff & oily scalp. Hopefully the hair fall problem will be reduced too! And I wish to have a volumised & long healthy hair :twisted:. Ohh anyway, I shampoo & condition my hair every 3 days. Do u think I should wash my hair every other day? Maybe kan? Finally, for shiny black hair, I apply olive oil while the hair still wet.

So that's all I guess. A bit extra I want to share with u. I swear on these during-emergencies products:
  • InnerShine Prune Essence. Sometimes I get too tired & lazy to wash my face before sleep and hence a dull & break-out skin on the next few days. Drink this every night before sleep for about 2 weeks and tadaaaaa a new radiance & clearer skin. Believe me! I have few experiences!

  • Tomatoes for scars. When I was in 2nd year, I had a seriously ugly skin. It was full with acne scars! What I did was chop off a tomato, rub on the skin in circular motion and leave them for about 15 min just like masker. Did this once / twice per week & my skin was gradually getting cleared from the scars. This need patience though since u know scars are not easy to get rid off.

Dapat wajah ini tiap2 pagi bila rajin buat skin regime, bila malas cuci muka sebelum tido, takkan dapat wajah ini malah lebih comot dengan acne!

And now I need u, pretty ladies' helps & recommendations on these product!
  1. A good eye cream! As our eyes skin are the thinnest & the easiest to get wrinkles, I might need to start using it huh? Well, something which can help to reduce eye bag as well would be good! I have them since I was in school because my eyes are very allergic to I-don't-quite-know-what-they-are, really.

  2. Cellulite!! I HATE them! How? Anyone know any good & working product to reduce this?

  3. Any hair product to reduce hair fall. Be it shampoo / conditioner / anything.
But above all these, drink plenty of water & exercises are still the best remedies for good skin! So korang2 yang cantik menawan semua, please do share your skin care regime & experience ok!! :cool:


  1. haha!

    gila ko buat details! i guess this is your favourite topic, eh? LOL

    i had used body shop's moisturiser cream before but i had pimples popping up everywhere! so i stopped until i found the sink-in moisturiser mask.

    still ada pimples but due to PMS more than the cream itself ;-)

    tapi kan hajar... aku kagum weh! dahsyat sungguh routine kau hari2. gila rajin. kadang aku dah letih tu, aku tido dulu... kol 3 pagi terbangun baru g cuci muka... haha!

    oh, and aku dah beli lotion for my feet! a bit more confident wearing slippers to work now :p

  2. haha sebab da buat hari2 tu yang laju je kot tangan menaip huhuhhh

    hmm sink in moisturiser mask eh? bunyi cam menarik! bodyshop ke?

    haha aku pon sama kdg2 tertido tros then bgun kol 2 , 3 pagi konon2 at least basuh gak r muka huhuhhh.. tp esok pg bngun komfem naik jerawat punya..

    tapi kdg2 jerawat ni bgantung pd environmnt gak.. bantal & katil kita tdo contohnyer..

    tp kan firod, muka ko licin r, jeles tengok!

  3. hurm, as for the eye cream....previously i used Nutox brand, however, I read from a magazine that teabag is a good solution for eye bag! I've tried for few times, and i think it works if you regularly practice this--> After u drink a cup of tea, take the teabag , rinse it, but don't dry it. Then, put it on your eye for 10 minutes.....

    For the cellulite part, HUhhhhuhuhuhu.....i don't think it can be 'cured' hahahahaha

  4. weih xsgka jumpa blog ko hihihihi..

  5. @huda: haishhhhh xleh cure sellulite kerrrr????? even reduce? hahahhh geram tengok huhuhhh..... the tea bag remedis, sure will try!

    @sol: wahhhh sol cane boleh terjumpa nih hahaaa...