Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How To Survive A Late Night Drive Alone - For Ladies

If I were given the option, I'll definitely choose late night driving for long distance travel. Obvious reason is SPEED TRAP FREE!!

So based on experiences with driving alone late night, I picked up some useful stuff...

1. Be confident with your ride.

...but not blindly. Make sure your car is well serviced as what recommended by manufacturer. Before kick off the journey, the simplest tasks u can do are:

  • to ensure the engine oil is at Max mark on the oil level gauge,
  • check coolant in the coolant tank as well as the radiator by removing the cap (make sure to tighten it back!!),
  • inspect the oil & water pipings for any loose connections / leaks,
  • and most importantly indicator lights for all these shall ON few seconds when u start the engine: ABS, Airbag, Engine Check, Battery, and Oil Pressure.
  • Headlight, taillight, fog lamp, break lamp are functioning.
  • Last but not least, ensure safe tyre pressure & condition.

2. Frequently monitor the engine temperature indicator while driving.

It should not reach the Hot area! For my car, it always below the middle marking. Then I know I'm good. While at it, be alert if any of the indicator lights suddenly comes ON.

3. Don't get tired / sleepy / moody / stressful.

Plenty of sleep would help! One or two cans of caffein definitely my lifesaver! And plenty of water. Ahhh don't mind the toilet break. Plenty of them on the highways but be sure to stop by the big ones since more people there for your safety! Turn up your radio volume, sing out loud & enjoy the privacy :-)

4. Just ignore the whatever shadowy figures u might see.

... even how curious u are to know what they are! Once i saw big black shadows along the dividers and i went "woww what's that?" and they are trees :!: well, victoriously distracted me for few seconds uhuhhh... If u are observant, u might have realized that other cars' lights reflection & even the roads' can play tricks on our eyes. They may appear & form a silhouette, shape or sometimes looks like somebody passes by very quick.. I do see few times (sangat suka imagine weirds things!)... just keep in mind, no one wants to cross the road in the middle of the night ok.

5. Keep on someone's tail if u are not sure. But not too close.

If u are not familiar with the road cornering & inclination, don't try to be a hero by staying in front of others all the time. It requires certain level of skills to play around with your headlight and spotlight to check on the road. Let the experts lead u. I usually take the Alor Setar exit when i'm going back home in Perlis. Means I have to drive through freeways for about 50km. It's not easy in the dark. Yet another tips girls, follow cars u trust, I love tailing white Lancer thinking that someone tall, good looking, masculine driver is in there, so I feel safe! Joking :lol:.

So there you go... few tips from me... If u have more, include them in the comments ok! :-D

Drive safe does not mean drive slow. Be careful and alert is!

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