Saturday, 22 January 2011

I Want To Fly To India Right Now!

... to get MANY of these ohhh sooo vibrantly gorgeous Salwar Kameez!

My mom bought each of her daughters saris during her trip to India few weeks back.. I got 2 of them.. the first one is a very bright color combination of pink and blue.. the material is kind of silk to cotton type... yeah i am sooo damn clueless about fabrics! -_-' while the other one i picked the more soft nature's very flowy & soft to the hands.. At first i thought just to make a simple kurung lama with the A-shaped skirt (so that I could wear it as skirt alone as well :p) and a simple kurung modern out of them.. but then i thought since they are saris, why not try to make an Indian-style dress right? so i searched on the internet and found this very cool website selling & customising saris design. So girls, u might want to check it out! Designer Salwar Kameez

These are few designs that seriously catched my eyes.

I love the wide pants design!!!
something tunic?
Or layer them? pretty nice!

See the selendang??? that's another reason for flying to India too!

I love how saris make weird combination of colors seem  charming!

the colors!


My ultimate obsession of all! see how she wears the head scarf? OMG! so gorgeous!

Hey all.. do u by any chance know any tailor who can make beutiful salwar kameez like those? with affordable price too :p care to share? do you think i can find any around Jalan TAR? and i want to look for those bright color skinny pants too!

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