Sunday, 27 January 2008


Hi Everyone,

I would just like to let all of you know that you can start booking your tickets for FOD V

Email your details to

Also please let everyone know, your friends, housemates and family in the UK. Promote the event to the max, as I am sure you want to not only enjoy the show but more importantly help us showcase Malaysia to all of Wales and the UK. The night is about Malaysia on a stage, proud and united, confident and ebullient.

Also the price of the tickets is £13, inclusive of a buffet dinner.

Again FOD V is on 23 FEB 2008. Location is Reardon Smith Theater at the Welsh Museum.

Looking forward to your booking.

Thank You.

*** Ok sape2 nak mai gtau eh!!! nanti aku bole belikan tiket

erm nk dtg cardiff dua2 boleh bus or train..kalau naik bas ko bole stop kat CARDIFF UNIVERSITY or Cardiff..Cardiff University dekat cket ngan umah aku boleh jln kaki je kalu Cardiff agak jauh so kne naik bus plak dtg umah aku..
train pon ade 2 stop yg boleh CATHAYS atau CARDIFF... paling best kalau ko turun Cathays la...stesen sebelah umah aku je huhuhh


  1. haja!! aku and dotty insyaAllah two tickets for us plsssssssssssssss!! ^_^