Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Exam Results

yup finally!!!!! I am updating my blog again hehe.... anddddd... i got my exam results this afternoon!! hrmmmm i guess it was a bit mixed up.. full-satisfaction.. beyond expectation.. as expected.. anddd totally ridiculous at some point.. well yup i really had a hard time during last exams.. do not ask me why.. and i was almost surrender on it until at one point i was hoping i would fall sick and got the chance to start all over again next year (means this September) huwahuwaaaa yup totally  desperate desperation.. but overall the result, i'm quite happy and proud of myself for still able to get a kind-a good result for me.. but what the hell happened with my Magnetic paper????? i'm 100% sure there's something not right here.. the mark is 55.. and i was like.. what????? cause it was the on the top list of fully confidence to get at least 80++ because the questions were totally yes i really mean TOTALLY the same as our coursework questions, not even a slight or a single word differ from the courseworks but yet.... 55?????? it just doesn't  make any sense at all.. and i asked my friends, some of them got quite low but NOT as low as mine!! and one of them got 73.... huwaaaaaa if everyone got low marks, then i won't be too worried, obviously something wrong... but now it seems like only me got below 60... hrmmm was it because i handed in my courseworks late?? (yeah i did ON PURPOSE handed in Set 3 late but Set 4 was not my fault... it was the teaching office fault).. or was it because my attendance to class??? wait... they can't just simply use those reasons to pull down my mark right?? it was clearly at the beginning of the class agreed on 80% Written Exam and 20% Courseworks right??? yes I'm definitely right here....huhhhhhh...... what if the marking is different from courseworks?? it can't be right?? yeah i did heard some people said that there was some controversy going around about all Magnetic students got high marks so they brought it up to Examination Board meeting .. well that's what expected when the questions are the ones that we already did and we were hinted to be out in exam.. hihihihhhh i love you prof J!!! always love him!!! ok.. so alright if they want to pull down our marks because of that, i don't mind and i had expected a bit before i saw the results.. and was thinking "they won't pull down much right if that is the case" but hell!! 55???? huwaaaaaaaaa i'm pretty confidence i deserve better than 55!! 70++ should do!!! waaaaa going to see him tomorrow to check what's happening behind all this...

ok that's all.. going to update tomorrow about what he's going to say.. but i am still happy because i decided to not taking extra module because i think i don't need it... yes i can't agreed more to my supervisor when he said "only weak students will do extra subject, good student won't do" ... yeah he's 100% right about we being so afraid and trying to play safe by taking extra module so that to ensure 1st class.. it does make sense in some extend but by looking at my project progress, i think 3 subjects this semester will be enough and well i'm not that oh-so-rajin anyway..

Anyway, attention to HUDA, INTAN, MADOT and AYU, i just bought you guys the FOD tickets.. so WAJIB datang k!!!! see you all this friday!!! lalalalalala~~~~

p/s: ayu n madot, memandangkan korang smpai awal, nak bowling x?????? hihihihi

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