Friday, 26 January 2007

I'm Back!

fuhhhh finally......finish counting... well now i feel like a moron doin dat stupid countdown haha!!! hmm finish all exams ystrday morning!!! wat a relief!! n i don no wats goin to happen bout my result but i don expecting a good result .. as i only had confidence in my control paper ONLY!!! huh damn!! its not such a gud start coz d final marking of my degree starts here waaaaaaaa!! i should've performed well!! but its all done abaikan saja hahaha.... all i no that this mondau i'll start a new FRESH semster hoho... hopefully my 'azam' yg berkobar2 everytime i start a new smster will work!! huhuh.... cross finger.. neway ysterday i didnt go anywhere 2 celbrate my freedom huhuh... rasa srba salah jugak kat k.ira n roz x follow them eat out... hmmm sorry i didnt have d mood especially dgn xcukup korum nye lagik (i no u guys don understand bout dis... huhuh).... so ystrday just lepaking n baringing on my bed watching movie n antm cycle 5 hehe.... gonna watch d final part after dis... hmmm since i didnt update anything for the whole last 2 weeks (apart of the countdown).... its not like nothin happens.. but really a lots of things happened in ma life... 1st of all of course d not-so-well-done exams, then bout one of my fren n my feeling bout my 'relationship' huhuh.... not gonna rite anythin bout d last 2.. its kinda private dow.. huhuh seem like i'm still being a 'secretive' person.. wellllll thats me haha... da la merepek je

anyway... found dis sumwhere.. kinda sweet so i put it here...

Never cry for any relation in life
because for the one whom you cry
does not deserve your tears
and the one who deserves
will never let you cry.....
Treat everyone with politeness
even those who are rude to you
not because they are not nice
but because you are nice......
Never search your happiness in others
which will make you feel alone
rather search it in yourself
you will feel happy
even if you are left alone......
Always have a positive attitude in life
there is something positive in every person
even a stopped watch is right
twice a day......
Happiness always looks small
when we hold it in our hands
but when we learn to share it
we realize how big and precious it is!..............

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