Sunday, 28 January 2007


ysterday went watch APOCALYPTO wid k ira.. best2!!!! recommended.... huhuh i no it was realeased on 5th january.. n i just watch it ystrday haha.. yeah... 'busy' with exams... hmmm neway thought not so many people gonna watch it n expecting nobody in d room.. but hell no!! so many people!! fortunately they still room for us.. huhuh... neway mmg best sgt!!!! very rare movie!! hmmm before that went eat out at bali.. nyum nyum!!!! knyang sgt!!! i had nasi kelapa aka nasik lemak n ayam masak kecap n cili api.. heheh... biase la xde cili api x jalan beb huhuh... n dis afternoon went out to town.. wanna find deal for monthly contract.. hmmm couldnt find anything dat satisfy me... hmmm now i'm considering taking D900 or LG coklat... don no which one... wahhhh tomorrow start new smester but got no class tomorrow!! yehaaaa!!!! best2!!! no class on monday for d whole smster!! yeayyyyy i'm soooo happy!!! daa~~

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