Thursday, 14 June 2007

Another Survey

01. What is one thing you would love to happen tomorrow?
# erm cant think of any rite now... well the most n only 1 thing i want now is a bunch of money to spend hahahaha

02. What colour ink do you usually write with?
# blue

03. Do you prefer History or Geography?
# uhhhh i hate both but i love to know history a little bit more n deeper but no exam please....

04. Who was your first crush?
# ahaaaa as far as i can remember he was anas back in my primary school since darjah 1 ahahahaha

05. Analog or Digital clocks?
# analog of course

06. What would your dream car look like?
# erm....currntly my dream car is mercedes coupe kompressor

07. Do you shop at Hot Market?
# yup last thing i bought was a very nice silver necklace n it broke within a week urghhhh great!!

08. Have you ever seen Phantom of the Opera, if so good or not?
# erm don think so

09. What colour are your bathroom walls?
# urghhh didnt notice d colour ahahaha

10. What is the largest amount of money, you have ever had?
# erm thousands maybe...

11.Is your phone a flip, slide or neither?
# twist bebeh

12. Do you say "Film" or "Movie"?
# movie la deyy

13. new year/merdeka?
# both are cool but they still mean nothing to me ughhhhh

14. Longer school hours, or more homework?
# both OK hahaha

15. Do you like My Chemical Romance's - The Black Parade song?
# yeah

17. Do you fancy someone right now, if so who?
# no one i think

18. Do you like Special breakfast cereal?
# whats that?? is it some kind of cereal brand... if yes >> i'm so stupid that i never heard of it but i do love cereal so much

19. Have you read any Dan Brown, and did you like them?
# i read da vinci code... n yes i really HATE it!

20. Morning or Night?
# depends...

21. What do you think of when you read the word, Chain?
# a huge dog with a big chain hahaha

22. Do you know anyone called Julie?
# x-neighbour

23. How many times have you left your house today?
# zero times

25. How many ties do you own?
# none.... luv to try wearing it uhuhhh

26. Boomerangs or Frizbees?
# both would do

27. Have you ever been to oversea?
# yeah

28. Last movie at cinema ?
# shrek 3 i luv it!!!

29 . How old were you when you lost your first teeth?
# erk???

31. Do you wish you could breathe underwater?
# i cant even swim... but yes i wish i can

32. Have you ever had a rabbit?
# never... but a fren has it sooo cute

33. Do you bite your fingernails?
# used to every sigle nail that i have ahahahaha

34. Do you like Mexican food?
# erm no idea

35. Does your family have a really good humour?
# hmmm yup

36. Do you use calculator?
# oohh yeah cant live without it

37. Do you have Muse - Black Holes & Revelations CD?
# no

39. What do you think of China's one- child-policy?
# yeah its necessary but one-child is a bit overdoing it... i hope malaysia will have three-child policy so people will start considering quality rather than quantity

40. Are you ParANOId??
# paranoid of??

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