Saturday, 30 June 2007

First Try Of Wasabi

yeah i know my xanga is dying....eventhough theres soo many things to write on.. well start from yesterday.. we went to mp ..was planned for bowling but after stepped into the bowling place k.ct was like didnt have the 'mood' to play cause of something smelly in the place... the socks maybe huhuhuhhh but i didnt smell anythng actually.. so went out back and played car race at the game area.. ughhh i dont remember since when i havent come to place like that huhuhhh.. we played only 1 round n i started to get into the game after a quarter of the game... huhhh i think i,m starting to get addicted hahah... but well 1 game 1 ringgit so .... ok after that we thought about watching Die Hard 4 but the only show was at 12.30 am huhuh so cancel then walk around mp *blur* no heart for shopping either... n sudenly i just popped an idea to eat sushi so there we were eating sushi at Sushi King.... tried the wasabi.. havent tried any in my life... hmm it wasnt that bad.. but aneway ajwad said the wasabi there wasnt 'powerful' enough to give the feeling of 'like someting coming out of your nose but goes in again' yekkksss sounds disgusting huhuhhh... even the waitress gurl told us she never saw any client eat the wasabi.. most of them eat it with ketchup.... so we were quite impressed her hahahahhh... oh well mak gave us her credit card to buy clothes at First Lady in Tesco.. per person 100... so we just paid the sushi with the crrdit card hahahahhh (ajwad shares) ... the misuse of mum kindness huhuhh.. ohh i forgot we went to tesco 1st to mail Epong's stuff... so we went around the First Lady but havent bought any cause we were thinking to come back with mak at night.. hmmm went to JJ for a while... bought Puteh n Dikcik a "fancy collar" which were not that fancy huhuhh... n some foods.. when paying..... with d credit card ehe... it was rejected cause jusco didnt accept credit card unless used by the holder himself.... so sape punye credit card jadi korban????? MINE laaa huhuhhh... neway i dont mind actually i can claim afterward anyway ahaaha... at home cant wait to put on the 'collar' on them but unfortunately they were a bit big for them warghhhh tension !! so went out again at night to drop mak at Eq Hotel for dinner n thiugh of changing the collars to smaller size ... i'm not sure about "Return n Change policy in m'sia" but well who cares if we try... but cancel it cause JJ is quite far then went to Tesco again to try some clothes at First Lady... ahahaha the same sale gurls watching the shops.... huhuhh segan2.. do they really working full day everyday??? urghhhh ... so tried on 3 clothes n here are my comments:
  • almost all the clothes are long..... come on even XS size doesnt fit me well.. ok i'm not that thin or skinny ye...i think they should make the XS size for the petite... i think there are lots of gurls of my size here not evetyone got that model height huhuhh
  • yeah the clothes are cheap and now i know why and i cant agree more to k.ct >> they are not made well enough i mean like 'cincai' ughhhh
  • maybe they should iron the clothes first and probably would look better when tried on...
  • the designs are good but i bet they got many customers came in and tried on clothes but then went out buying nothing
  • my nail bleeds while trying to loosing up the buttons... WARNING: A VERY SHARP-EDGE BUTANG KATUP!!!!
ok now shut the * up.... i'm not trying to pull down anyone here huhuhhh.... finally went home ...

the luvly me n ajwad ahahaha ;p
(we are sister n brother ok)

the luvly k.ct

oo yeah i had my eyes checked at tesco n guess what that was the 1st time in my life someone said i should wear glass!!! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! i always proud of myself for having a clear eyes up until i heard that huh!!! he said my right eye has a power of 100 n should start wearing glasses.. huh is it that bad???? wahhh gonna eat loads of carrots after this!! me a rabbit


  1. ngahahaha padan muka kna pakai spec=P

  2. ces .. aik non-xangarian pon da bole kasik komen eh