Tuesday, 3 July 2007

She Ran Away & An Accident

well yeah ther title says it all.... last nite she ran away when we were not at home.. great!! i'm not going to miss her anyway.. we went to visit Pakcik who got hit by car last sunday night... he was on bike and one of his leg was cut and yesterday we went to bury it at kampong in alor gajah.... huhhh that was the 1st time i know that if someone's leg was cut, it need to be settled like dean man... huhuhhh...theres many things in this world that we wont know until it really happens to us .. i think so.. welll he's quite critical but he was asleep last nite when we were there.. we went to clean up the house yesterday cause Makteh gonna come today for the festival held in malacca this week... not sure what it is... so they gonna use the house for cooking etc.... n when sweeping the floor i can spot some blood traces on the floor probably mosquitos....but mosquito's bloods mean Pakcik's blood cause he's the only one living there... so i was kinda careful while doing works.... well aneway one wont get the disease unless theres blood to blood connection like if theres cut on my feet or so.... but aneway there are all dry which i dont think we were in danger huhuhh... but i got a thought .. what if the same nyamuk that sting the person who has it then sting another person who doesnt has it???? well..... no idea....

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