Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Old Friends

I just got a friendster testimonial from nana, my old friend in jasin hmmm since 2001.. she's coming back this friday!! yeayy how exciting!! i really miss my old friends and after reading it, i had a chat with ima and we planned to have a reunion ..well at least i have something to do during holiday.. and my primary school is going to have a carnival this 5th august so i'm planning to go but haven't contact any friends yet haha... my phone's running out of credit right now..

Lots of people here.. ok 2 people to be exact in my house right now.. they are repairing and probably will replace to a new one; the water tank above my room's ceiling..it has been broken since last saturday (if i'm right) and the water kept dropping on the stairs and started to get smelly urghhh... and sometimes i felt like the ceiling is falling down and would hit whoever on the stairs heh.. they just finished emptied the tank ...

and last week lots of workers doing the landscape around my house.. its the preparation for the coming wedding ceremony... will upload some of the pic later..

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  1. Salam...enjoy the time with your friends inshallah...it's always nice to catch up with old friends!