Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Sleepless Night

i can't sleep last night.. i slept at about 5 am.. so i grabbed a notebook.. a very small one and started to draw anything came up on my mind at that time hahahh.. and i used my sister's pastel colour to colour them and believe me they were AWFUL!! haha.. and when i tired of it i just wrote and quote whatever i want in it spontaneously..what i was thinking and what happened in my life and here they are (really stupid ;p)

I am afraid there will be flood here. What will happen to the cats outside?? I want to sleep but at the same time i dont want to eventhough i feel sleepy.
The water tank above me had been dropping water since few days. Sometimes I feel like it is falling down and hit whoever on the stairs. Please not when there's somebody on the stairs!!
i've been to 3 wedding ceremonies last weekend. and i have to say that i hate a kenduri with music played as a background. it is really annoying as people are forced to scream to each other and the sound are really a pain in the a**!!!
**kenduri = some kind of ceremony
i really want to process all my photos during last year of my studies at shop but i did my calculation just now and it ended up that i need more than hundred ringgit to process them not included the albums yet... how come??
I want to shop loads of stuff now. I saw a really cool guess handbag at parkson last week. Should i just use my credit card to pay? but i want to keep the scholar money as much as i can so that i can have a BIG wedding party with my own money
i prefer to eat fried egg with soy sauce and rice rather than udang galah masak sambal!!! or ketam masak cili padi!!
**udang galah masak sambal = chilli cooked tiger prawn
**ketam masak cili padi = chilli cooked crab
I ONLY HAVE 1 RINGGIT in my purse!!
my friend love her boyfriend and my mom love my dad
i want to go to a luxury spa one day!
i went to bukit merah last week and i felt guilty because i have zip on my pants
**bukit merah = a waterpark i went last week
i eat loads of junkfoods when i am stress. i stayed all night during dateline. I drink coffee or nescafe beforehand.
My homeroom teacher warned me for not having a smiley face all the time and i hate her ever since. Sometimes people need to look ELEGANT rather than KERANG BUSUK
**kerang busuk = dont know how to translate it but it is a call for people who are always smiling with no reason
yeah i know this statement is silly... elegant??? what the *???
My English teacher adviced my friend to practice speaking English with me and i was proud of myself when hearing that i was credited by her yeay!!!

i just checked out the window if there's flood outside eventhough my house is on a some kind of high land

Why everyone's getting older? it's sad to see my parents getting and weaker. i just came across one of mu ustaz picture. He's very old now. I was sad to see it.
**ustaz = teacher
I am sick of watching a tv program showing poor people with loads of kids! Come on !! Family planning is vital!! The government should start give away free condoms rather than free needles to drug addicts!!
**well i just read an article saying "Recently in a report, the United Nation's International Narcotics Control Board said governments that provide addicts with clean needles and a safe place to shoot up may violate international law." ewwww hopefully my country has stopped doing this...
I love to eat but i cant cook. I am afraid of hot oil when frying foods. I will stay as far as i could from the oils while frying things.
My guru bahasa hates my handwriting but my friends.. well some.. say it is cool... he he he...
**guru bahasa = language teacher
i was called a "genius with a hoo-haa personality"...
**hoo-haa = happy go lucky
i hate my teeth. it needs braces definately.. and my nose too..but i love my body and my height..but a bit taller is better but now both are perfect
i got mad with Lim for not passing back my C++ coursework!!!!
I haven't work out for almost 4 years now!!

ok thats all... ewww that A LOT!! haha..funny what an 'owl' can think of all night of sleepless


  1. i would like to go to a luxury spa one day! preferably a chocolate spa!!
    have a great day! salam

  2. yeahh chocolate spa sounds nyummy :)