Thursday, 12 July 2007


well, lately i've been reading some of the featured blog entry on xanga and i came across an entry saying about forgiveness... tried to look up the entry again but failed to find it which i really hoped i could quoted it here.. its about if somebody makes something that we don't like just forgive him/her rather than keep the anger for too long.. and it really hit me at the exact time as i had something going on few days ago...while reading it i felt some kind of relief and my heart did not hurt so bad as it was before..

well anyway yesterday i got my exam result for this year... yeah finally after a long wait... and again God wants to help me with my feeling lately.. i was VERY surprise with the result.. it is really beyond my expectation which i really wish for it..hahahh.. i am very satisfy especially with my year project.. huh all the times spent on it was really worth it!! a week of dissertation writing which means a week of non-sleep (well i did sleep few hours) a week of nescafe and coffee every night.. a week of swollen and dark eyes... oh well i bet it was more than just a week.. right before my holiday to egypt... ahhhhh it was great.. the result.... i felt like writing email to gao to appreciate for the mark hahahh..well i got 73 for the project which i expect 65++ and my average year mark is 77.5 ioo yeah 1st class baby!! hahahh.. ooo yeah when i first look at the letter on the envelope it was stamped from Zurich and i was like... "what?? am i on Student Exchange Programme or something??" hahahhh silly!! but it would be really great and i would've been very excited if it was real hahahh.. about the result again.. i got 45 for machine hahahh i laughed when looking at it.. well what should i expect for being blank during the exam.. yeah it was my 1st time experiencing BLANK during exam.. as i always heard people saying that and yeah it really BAD! i was like know nothing about what should i write or how should i answer the Questions and whats the step to reach the final answer.. huhhh but thanks GOD i got m strength back .. and i have to thanks for the crazy exam schedule as i had the machine paper as the first paper then a two weeks gap and finally 4 papers in a row... i should say that the 2 weeks gap really helped me a lot!! i really took honey every morning and strive real hard for the rest of the papers urghhh and now i can be satisfied with all that ...

hmmm well enough about bragging around hahahh.. yesterday i watched The Apprentice.. yeah i can say that i'm the biggest fan of it erm generally a big fan of Real TV hahahh.. i watch The Firm as well .. but i don't have this good memory of remembering when the shows are on TV.. so i am kind of leave it to the remote control to do its work and accidentally switch on my favourite show heh... so apparently, i was surprise for this season (the one's showing in Malaysia now.. which i know definitely not the atest season) where they were divided into two groups of girls and boys... and i was like urghhhh the boys will always win and i'm definitely true.. so yesterday they've made a change to it which i was so glad.. and the loser really had a big lose! and a BIG failure!! they were not just lose to the other team , they didn't even reach the target... ok i'm too lazy to write long about it cause i'm about to catch up Manjalara now while eating kopok leko hahahaha (i remember it well Monday-Thursday 6.30pm) probably the only one... and yeah Trump fired 4 of them last night GREAT!!


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