Friday, 27 July 2007

What's Your Favorite Childhood Memory?

ok frankly the best memory is being a child itself.. as a child we don't have to think lots of think as we need as a grown up.. for instance we don't have to be curious about our look.. we don't need all that beauty stuff cause our skin already soft and smooth.. we don't think about getting a good result in exam..well some may do but the impact is not as hard as when we are in university or in case of works.. there's nobody will look at us in an auckward way if we are playing with toys at the playground cause thats what children do.. and so on...

ok stop about that... i don't know whats the point i wrote all that myself hahahh ;p... ok about my favourite childhood memory.. hmmm i think there's sure a lot but maybe loads of it that i have i'm going to talk about my favourite childhood memorIES that i still have a memory of...

there was a boy who i had a crush on when i was in school (standard 5 or 6 something) and i THINK he also had a crush on me hahahahh... but well the point is it made me have the enthusiasm to go to school and other school programs.. when in class, yeah we were classmates and i sat 2 rows behind him so i got excited everytime i had to go to the front class say to hand in homework or to talk to the teacher or to answer anything on the board.. because i got the chance to walk pass him and to look at him everytime i went back to my seat.. hahahh yeahhh sounds silly and funny

another thing is i miss spending times with my family... well everyone's grown up now and we don't live together anymore.. my sisters and brother are at college so they stay in eldest sister stay in our house in Sepang... we used to go shopping together eventhough its only groccery shopping but the fact that we go shop together really made me exciting about it.. and we used to always go to my father's office at night at the we always had KFC as a dinner and eat together there... we celebrated birthday either having party where theres lots of friends came which means loads of present hehehh.. or we just celebrate it with having big dinner outside..

i also miss spending times at my grandparents places.. the most exciting part is during fruits season (yeah we have fruits season in malaysia instead of winter, autumn etc...) so we'll go to the fruits farm to pick up fruits while eating at the same time.. i still remember i loved to eat mangosteen which i still do! so everytime i eat them, my mom will only let me wear old clothes because mangosteen will leave a purple+red colour on our hand and as a child i don't bother to wash m hands everytime after eating it, i just wipe my hands on my clothes so the shirts will get the colour as well... huhuhhh... and yeah i miss a lot the feelings to celebrate Eid... well i haven't celebrate it with my family for 3 years now (i'm studying in UK) and insya-Allah i'll celebrate it next year when i finish my study .... and i agree the feelings are different as a child and as a grown ups..

nyummy nyummy mangosteen!!

urghhhh i miss being a CHILD!!!

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  1. I answered this question too and I am visiting other sites that did.....Great post!!!Being carefree is unapreciated when we are so busy trying to grow up,now we know what we had!!

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  3. yum! that fruit looks delicious! what is it??
    I miss being a child too..thanks for sharing your memories with us!

  4. hye nadia..thats mangosteen i'm sure you haven't see it.. come to malaysia to try it yourself and i promise its really tastes great!!