Tuesday, 31 July 2007

An Old Friend Of Mine

so it's been a while since my last entry... and not too much things happened to me in the last 4 days.. hmm i text-chatting with my old buddy since primary school! such an excitement.. it all started when i texted all my old friends in primary school to ask them whether they are going to the School Canteen Day this Sunday or not.. so i just texted whoever i still get a hold of their numbers in my cellphone... and sadly, some of them were failed to get delivered.. probably they've already change to a new number since i last met some of them about 2 years ago.. and about this one friend of mine, Diba..we've been friend since we were 7 years old and we are in the same class for 6 years.. well i am in the 3rd batch of the school so you can imagine how small the school is as it just opened.. and because of that we had only one class for every student batch.. that's why we were so close and some of us still keep in touch with one another.. ok get back to Diba.. after Standard 6 where everyone moved to secondary school which also meant another school, we never met just keep in touch via phone.. not mobile phone.. but home phone so we just talked during schhol holiday until i was 14, i never heard anything from her.. until last week when i doubtedly text her number which i don't know how i get a hold of it but i definitely has kept it for a long time..and thank God it was she who replied...fuhhhh i'm afraid that i might send to a wrong number.... so we texted all night.. yeah i miss her.. she was one of my best friends afterall.. she already finish her study and now working as a kindergarten teacher..uhuuuu how cutee... and yeah she's my size and she told me she hasn't got taller since then hihihi.... then kindergarten teacher really suits her well.. and she promised to come this Sunday yeahhh how exciting!! and some of my friends from the school will come as well and hopefully i'll get the chance to meet some of my old teachers and other friends who used to be my classmates.....

last Saturday, as i mentioned before, my house landscape is still under renovation so there's one tree which they put 2 man-made rocks under it which are quite big and are just being painted with black colour which i think as a base, so i, non-thoughtfully (is there such word?? ) took my cat, Dekcik and stand her on the rock cause i thought it might look cute..hahahh.. and because of my silliness, all her feet got the black colour and my mom was really mad cause it might be poisoned and afraid she would lick it..furthermore, we were having a little ceremony that night to discuss about my sister's wedding so the floors might get dirty when she got into the house... so with guilty feeling all over me, i took her to the bathroom and hardly washed her feets as she's very afraid of water.. my sister lend me her hands thank God.. and after that i still felt sorry for her as her feet all get wet and she had to clean up herself.. The day after that, she went out in the morning (she loves to stay at the house next door) and i got worried if she get sick because of the paint... i kept looking for her all day and thank God she got back at about 7pm with perfect health .... and she's still OK until now.... fuhhhhhhhh promise won't be so stupid again..!!

Here are some pictures during the meeting last saturday night..

from left to right.. cousin-in-law, k.fatihah (cousin), mak (mom), k.ct (sister)... waiting for others to come

my uncle( my mom eldest brother), Pak Ngah, he was the 1st to arrive

me ^_^

there they are... the nyummy nyummy foods for the night! and my sister sweeping the floor

men area.... they are discussing... can barely see my father sitting in the middle with light blue clothe

women area.. well with 2 men...we were watching tv hahahh but of course with low volume

yeah there's lot of people coming because lots of people will take charge during the wedding....

** I am now addicted to Yahoo Games!


  1. Salam...i am addicted to yahoo games too!! lol
    The story of your cat was funny..made me laugh..although i am glad that the cat is OK and has had no side effects...

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  3. salam aleykum
    elhamdullilah muslimanim
    im turkish my name is seda
    i heard you went to bursa and istanbul my parent's houses are in istanbul:)

  4. i go to the mosque to read kur'an how about you?

  5. yes i went there around last year christmas holiday with friends... have u read my post about it? it was really great to be in istanbul and the foods are so nyummy!!! i read quran at my house because i don't go to mosque often ;p