Thursday, 12 July 2007

New Resolution

Ok it's not wrong to have a new resolution eventhough it's not a new year right?? so starting now i'll try to write my blog in a proper English.. as some might notice that i used to use shortform too much in my writing which now i think not very mature heheh.. but yeah i know my English sucks! i use simple words regarding my poor vocabulary and sometimes i put wrong words in wrong places.. but anyway believe me.. i don't care hahahh.. and in some other times i prefer to use Bahasa as i can express myself better especially when talking about others... <if you know what i mean> and just too lazy to write in English..

now i really can't wait for my trip to Penang tomorrow yet i still haven't packing my stuff ughhh i hate that packing thingy except times when going back to Malaysia eheh.. ok PENANG here i come!!

trying to finish GNTM final tonight.. (if this streamyx thing is on my side which doesn't look like it right now)


------------------------------------------- 30 minutes later -----------------------------------------------------

i couldn't make it... i mean finishing watching GNTM finale... and i don't bother to skip to the last part to find out who's the winner eventhough i really wanna know.. i'm at part 8 now out of 11 and just found out Hana is out... only Anni and Barbara left.. ughhhhh can't accept it if Anni won .. i like Hana!! but well Barbara should win instead of Anni....

i was forced to succumb to sleep now