Thursday, 25 October 2007

My Mom's Dream

i called my parents this mum said she had a dream last night where i was surrounded with dead cats!!! arghhhh what is that suppose to mean??? anyone experts in dreams interpretation???? xanga is almost dead i know..well i have new dream car so i plan to get part time job whenever i can hahahh most probably during this christmas holiday...i'm not in the mood to go travel at that winter time anyway..and i think i had enough holiday last term so maybe it's time to cover up back and grow loads of pounds!! i went to town today and came across lots of vacancy offers advertisements on the shops so i went in Primark and asked the guy at the customer service if he got the application form..and he said that i could just pop in with my CV to apply..sounds good hahh...ok got to try it.. for time being, i am extremely busy with my group project which seems double... triple... so on and on... harder than my 3rd year project.. i've really been thinking about the system we are going to built almost all the time of the day even when i'm trying to sleep.. last night i slept at 4am ...well... urghhhhh !!! and today we went to see our lecturer Dr. Ghassempoory and surprisingly he was very helpful!! so now we have a better idea of what we are going to do for the project if compare to last few weeks...really felt stupid like know nothing about electronics...hmmm i don't think i should explain the project in more detail here because i can say that it's quite a confidential hehehhh.... so people stay healthy cause the future will be so totally different! (what the hell i'm talking??? anyway.... got to start reading this communication paper which i hate the most!! i accidentally got myself into this communication thing...urghhhhhh

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