Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Are You Concerned About Your Weight?

YES! Definitely i am!! some people might say "ooohh haja you don't have to check your weight you're thin enough" everytime i step on the weight scaler..but there are some would say that i have a balance between my height and my weight and i'm definitely agree with the later one.. as i am short i'm quite concerned about how much i weigh cause i don't want to look fat and short and round! i think i will look horrible with the chubby size although some might look cute and sexy..and well i definitely hate that sexy a** i'm trying to keep my weight around 39-42 max 43! even my BMI says i'm underweight but i'm happy with that as long as i'm not reaching the overweight level..i think it will be harder to maintain the weight then..well i have this one Levi's jeans that i made as  a standard for maintaining my body mass.. well then

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