Thursday, 1 November 2007

Finance Plan

i just finished doing my Magnetic homework and i'm supposed to mask my face now but after i washed it i just grabbed the toner and wiped it on my face and it really doesn't make any sense to mask on the toner layer so probably tomorrow will do it.. and the main point i'm writing is because i made my finance plan generally and more details monthly!! heheh... which i planned to do a month ago so i'll just starting planning my expenditure starting this month (it's already 1st november) and for that reason i ended up spending all the last month allowance! huhuhh and not enough with that, my Mastercard has a more than hundred pound arrears!~ hahah.. aneway take alook at these:


so, 20pound for food per week?? is that enough?? yeah i think that sounds OK..reminder: foods for A person who weigh 40kg..haha so make sense hahh.. then 18.97pound for topup and internet calling...yup i know sounds silly for the 97p part but that's what i checked on my bank statement for the LowRate Voip rate... yeah i pretty sure that'll be enough for yeah our allowance should be more started september this year but we have to wait for the full payment till december so that's why lots of red highlighting at the bottom and the credit card as well 116.98 i divided to 8 months payment hahahahhh... because the 'etc' budget is already low well i'm actually owing my own self as i paid the mastercard with my saving money..i don't want to wait until 8months and then got to pay extra charges for that hell no..but well i know i'm not that kind of saving person.. i'm the kind who'll definitely buy stuff that i really really like and want so i actually put an extra 50 on the etc budget hahahaha but of course for desperate cases ngeeeee ;p

anyhow we'll see how it goes, will definitely update next month about these stuff.. yeah why am i suddenly being very strict on myself on how much for this and how much for that?? i think i mentioned in the last entry.. i have my new dream car and i'm definitely doing hard to get a hold on that even lots of non-supporting people behind me hahahaaa and i think me myself think its impossible to get it in malaysia in nearer time.. and i have another goal as well which better to keep it myself ngehehh..

anyway.. for the time being, i'm trying to keep myself busy so that i won't be thinking about small stuff that not deserved to be thought of and i'm already quite busy with my project works and study..and i'm doing a transcribe works for a PhD student who willing to pay me 100bucks for's quite an addicted job..once i started to plug in my headphone into the recorder, i really can't stop to take it out unless i need rest for a minute or two especially when it comes to extremely non-audibleable (stupid word i know ;p) which i can't catch the exact word and will just put [] on that part hahahh.. anyway i'm struggling to not leave a [] mark on it which really really i hard believe hopefully i won't have to spent so much time on it as i allocate maximum 1 hour per day to work on it preferably during dusk....

well then..time to sleep now~~~~~~

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