Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Loads Of Cards!

i finished writing all the greeting cards i wished to post before the raya but well it seems i don't have the time or accurately the perfect mood to write them huhuhh... and i'm sending a good luck card to my sis whose having SPM in this becoming 1 or 2 weeks..so hopefully will arrive to her on time.. i went to Clinton Cards to buy hers and there was 1 cool flying butterfly thingy that i've been keeping my eye on since the 1st year but just didn't have the urge to buy and try it myself..so i bought it and it was really cool!!! it flies really high almost reach my room ceiling!! ya cool i tell ya!! i kept playing with it..hope the elasticity of the rubber on it won't loose.. i tried to snap the picture of it flying but it just happened too fast and i failed grrrrrr...anyway i really want to upload the pictures of hari raya but there are loads of them!! and well you know i love to expose as many pictures as i can here everytime there's anything going on.. so just wait till i have the mood to put it on.. i don't even put a single picture of raya on my friendster side.. shame shame!! so last Saturday, as usual Saturday is a badminton day and a night sleeping at k.liza's place.. but this time we were having some kind of 4-people party before play.. there was me, k.liza (the host), Saiba and k.syikin.. supposed there was Aimi too but she couldn't make it...k.liza actually want to celebrate k.shikin's welcoming back to cardiff but i know at the same time she wanted to show off her new Chocolate Fountain hahahaha !! wish she won't read this ngehngeh!! but that fountain thing is very cool if you're having a big party like raya open house or something.. bak kata k.liza "sesuai utk tarikan kanak2" hehe...yeah it's already on my wishing list anyway!! heheh... on the way to the Talybont, i noticed lots of people were heading their way to city centre in not-so-clubbing outfit and at the same time all this fireworks night thing popped into my head!!! ahhhhhh i miss it!!! i am really really want to watch it this year as me and my housemates were very exciting about it to go together this year!! how can i forgot???? and after played like 8pm something, i asked k.liza if she willing to come with me to watch it and by that time, the fireworks already startd.. so Saiba said we better watch it from somewhere in case the fireworks finishs as we are walking to the park..so we searched for a perfert spot to watch the firework for FREE hehehh.. and there was 1 spot in Talybont, in front of one of the flat with people partying inside uhhh who cares we just sit there where we can clearly see the fireworks that go high..the smaller and lower fireworks we couldn't see it totally...well thats fine cause i think what we watched were already satisfying and fun! we really had a great time! the funniest part is everytime i spend a night at her place, we'll end up talking about the future...last time we were talking about kid's name and then last saturday we were browsing at ...... guess what?? nightwear and wedding dress !!! yeah online definitely..hahahahhhh ohhh wait a sec!! should this be kept secret????? oh well... just pray she won't read this as i'm quite open about my life hahahh.. and i got more spirit to play as i just bought a new racket bag and well i got inspired by Ryoma in Prince of Tennis.. he looks really cool with his size and his racket bag size heheh.....ok done now


oh almost forgot..some pic for tonight..


Momo with all the card need to be posted tomorrow!!


cards for my mak and ayah and the Me to You card for my sis...cute haa


the chocolate fountain...we ate it with apple...uhhh low budget to be like Siti to have her fav 'strawberry cicah cokolet" thing..


after 1st tournement between Haleyz and Semi.... yeahhh go Haleyz!!!! no bag yet..this was after our 1st play..

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