Saturday, 17 November 2007

Craziest Dream & Updates on Lenses

Well last night i had a REAL bad dream.. the worst dream ever!!  ..I already wrote down a bit of the dream but i think its better to delete it... ok about the contact lenses, i've been wearing them for quite a week now...and i went to appoinmnet yesterday and this time a very cute guy did the check up hihihhhh  ... he checked my vision...everything the problem with "sometimes it a bit blur and not as clear as without them on" is probably because of the colour block my eye's pupil a bit.... and the problem with headache "you are a lazy blinker you are" hahahhhh....well he told me that i need to always blink my eyes and make sure that both upper and lower eyelids are touched with each other cause i tend to have a half-blink eyes as he said hahahhh...ok so to wet the eyes....ohh i never know that ....if they are dry, the lenses will grip on the eye make me feel the headache...

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