Saturday, 17 November 2007

Does Long Distance Relationship Work?

SURE CAN!!! Mine already almost 3 years now..well we broke up once ... but i'm going back for good next year yeayyyyy!! No more long distance relationship!!! yup it's hard real hard i tell ya! so i think it'll last if you are away for some limited time at most 5 years...more than that i don't think it'll work..but who all depends on TRUST, CARES, and do not forget to get connected as many times as you can..come on it's not 70's now...there's phone, can talk almost everyday! i think that's what important... "jauh di mata tak semestinya dekat di hati ok" if we don't do the effort to make the heart grows fonder... and try to see each other once a year to recharge the heart battery huhuhh....


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  1. Hajar u got back with him?Congrats!I hope everything goes well!Bile plan nak kahwin ni?Hahaha.Soalan typical kan?But I hope u r in a much happier state now. =)Aku?Not planning to tie the knot any time soon.Maybe bile umur dh 28 kot.Hahaha.Lambat?Well I plan to sambung studies.Maybe after dh hbs blaja tinggi2,br kawen.But who knows,plan aje tuh.Kot aku x tahan terus balik Mesia for good je.

  2. wahh nawar nk smbong phd ke??? huhuhhh gud luck2!!