Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Gentle Waves

Fuhhhhhhh the first set done!!!! I mean the job i've been doing that i mentioned before... waaaaa it's really a time consuming job! imagine i started doing it last Sunday and could just finish it today, Tuesday..almost 10 days for a 1hr and 30 minutes conversation..huhuhhhh..aneway i went to Specsaver this afternoon to have my eyes checked for contact lenses testing.. and as usual.. "ohh no problem at all with your eyes" hehehhh.. so the optician was quite feeling weird cause she asked me "have you ever wear contact lenses?" i answered "No" and asked me more "have you wear glasses before?" again answer was "No" then she said "then what's the eye check for?" and me with a very confident face said "ohh just for regular checking" hahahhh.."do you want to try coloured contact lenses?" "OOOO yeah i want to try it!!" eventually she got to that point... hahahh.. so what she did was check my eye focus like usually done for free in any optic shop in malaysia..then we went to a room and i don't know what was i doing.. just did as what i was instructed to do.. and after all eye test done, she did the contact lense check...putting something into my eye to see the sensitivity of the eye whether it's easy to get watery or not and look into my eye ball using a very bright light almost hurting my eye.. and measured the sizes..then she gave me some samples to try on to see if i like the colour... i tried grey, hazel and pure hazel and funny there were SAMPLE written on it like i have a robot eye on me hahahh.. she put them on me which i felt very weird for someone putting something into my eye hohohh.. then i went out of the room with 2 different eye colour and with SAMPLE written in my eye to look at the mirror outside for better view.. yupp i love the Hazel one cause it look a bit yellowish and almost like my skin colour..i think it's cool hahahh.. and another lady helped me to put the lenses myself... it's pretty hard though to make it to the bowl-shape when it's on the tips of my finger and not easy to stick it on the eye itself...i tried twice and i think it's not that bad to put stuff in my eye hohohhh. so they will order them for me and will call when they arrive yeayyy!! hehehh...

hmmm... so this afternoon 4pm we had a project meeting, i was quite rushing to make a final preparation.. as i dome with the lenses stuff at 1.30 and then went post the cards and been at home at 2pm.. then k.liza came and chat with her. while trying to write stuff in my project book..which i never write anything on it huhuhhh... and it ended up only Gao Min was there, the other two supervisors couldn't make it... which gave a relief actually cause the meeting didn't look too formal and no stress going around.. everyone talked freely and very informaly! i Like!!

I fell in love with this song the first time i heard it on Ricebunny Site...Cool stuff

The Gentle Waves - Falling From Grace

You make me satisfied
You only want to ride
But that's alright by me
We happen to be free
For what tomorrow brings
No peace and broken wings
It may have been so good
But now it's understood
'Twas just a night

If I could tear my heart
And keep it miles apart
From love of beast or man
And never give a damn
If I could learn to lie
And never show my pride
I'd be just like the rest
Be someone I detest

I'm always looking for the sun
I'm always looking for the sun to shine

Destroys the best of us
Then leaves the rest of us
Thinking perhaps we'll die
Yet still we stay alive
Lost in a hollow frame
With lonely tears remain
Not knowing our life's worth
Dragging around the earth
How false the light

You make me satisfied
You only want to ride
But that's alright by me
We happen to be free
And if we fall from grace
At least we had a taste
Of something more than this
Unresolved black abyss

I'm always looking for the sun
I'm always looking for the sun
I'm always looking for the sun
I'm only looking for the sun to shine

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