Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Optician Girl

Yesterday, we had an informal project meeting between us at the usual place, in front of the Teaching Office. And that's when the girl who checked my eye last Tuesday passed by us. I can spot her at one glance because she has a very cool line of purple highlight on her hair. Then she came back and asked us direction and well she recognise me hahahhh the situation is a bit weird well my main point is what the hell is she doing here?? because last time she asked me where i'm studying and what i'm studying, and her response was "ohhh really? my brother did E&E too".. she could just said "ohhh really?? i'm doing Engineering as well" or physics or whatever she's doing rather than her brother.. And at the time i didn't bother to ask her what's she's doing. It's not that i didn't bother at all but the question just didn't came through my mind cause i'm pretty sure she must had a degree in Optometrist or something related to these eye stuff.. hmmm i might been right if she just came to Engineering School for some sort of seminar or something because she looked pretty lost when asked us... but anyway she seems very expert when doing my eye test so i shouldn't be too worry then.. i just wonder does anyone can be an optician by not having degree but  a good practice.. but anyway that's not really a problem at all as i don't have that much problem with my eyes..ok then after done with the meeting we try to just look at the doors on our way to find which one is S1.21 as aked by the girl. hahahh we, ourselves whose been here for almost 4 years are not really sure about that..hmmm we could.t find any near the Teaching Office cause the Teaching Office is S1.19 so it must be near there and last night this stuff got into my dream..the room was at the North Building just in front of the passage to Trevithik..erghhh what the hell???

I went to help k.liza returned her dinner set to Argos after that.. huhhhhh it was really really HEAVY!!! for God sake!! it was HEAVY!! we went by bus definitely but from the bus stop to argos there was quite a long way to reach argos and there was doorsteps as well warghhhhh..but for that she treat me to Starbuck later on hehehhh... and i met Thae Yee, the Myanmar girl..ohhh she actually works sweet of her she gave us the 30% staff discounts hehehhh thanks!

hmmmm i don't have class this morning and i woke up very late and considering not to go to Power E class this afternoon at 2 uhuhhhhh...i will have a very LONG weekend then as there's no class tomorrow as well...

i want to call home after this!!!!!!


I found this on their website so no fuss then....

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