Thursday, 8 November 2007

New Mug

I have a new mug! i have a new mug! i have a new mug!! well a mug with a cover...i've been looking for this stuff for quite long time and finally found it on ebay and it reached me few days ago..what so significance about this type of mug is i'm quite particular in cleanliness and tidyness (as far as i'm concerned..) and i always have a jug of water in my room so i need a mug of course and i really don't want to clean the mug everytime i want to drink..because i think an open mug (no cover) will have dust fall into it so means i've been drinking water with some dirt...ewwwwww not acceptable! Uhhhhhhh i really need bananas right now!!! starving to hell!! the cleaner man is still ouside my room doing the hoover.... huwaaaaaaa quick quick!!!

DSC00873 DSC00874


  1. Did you ever think of covering your mug of water with a small saucer or even a napkin before you got this new mug???

  2. i don't live with my parents so i don't have all that buy A saucer is not possible and napkin....not a very good idea