Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Your Degree Classification Is:

yup thats it!!! my 4 year Master of Engineering degree....huwahhhhhh .... went to collect the result at teaching office this afternoon... although i could just check it online but .... well... so quite surprising results here and there... the group project?? sooooo over expectation!!!! 81??? an outstanding project wuhuuuuuuu very very pleased!!!! there are 3 papers that really really bring up my overall year mark.... as other 6 are all below 70 where 2 of them are far below 1st class... but overall I'M HAPPY!!!! Me, gladly announce, finish my Master of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with FIRST CLASS HONOURS from Cardiff University, will be graduating this 8th of July 2008...... bow!

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