Tuesday, 24 June 2008

EUROPE TOUR Day 1 - London > Belgium > Amsterdam

Ok peeps will try my best to upload pictures for my 15 days Europe Tours with Kelana Convoy.... best gile tau!!! tired but great experience with fun new friends! more families than anak dara (anak bujang mmg x harap la kan nak join convoy huhuhhh) najib sorang je kot..tu pon assistant hairul hehehh... neway they are great people and sgt best hanging out with them.... so 15 days.. why so tiring yet exciting? ermmm kalau tak silap through these 15 days only 1 night in cabin (oppsss more like a mobile house..damn comforting!) and 2 nights in dorm (comforting as well as the dorm was not full with people so we had like 2 bed per person hehehh) and other nights.... camp guys!!! best gila tau! ermmm my last camping trip was in Form 5 to Taman Negara, tu pon bukan aku yg pasang khemah ..... skarang dah pro dah.... skejap je kelip mata je kemah da naik .... anyhow, new experience i suppose..

Cardiff to London

waiting for the 'next' Megabus near the Cardiff Castle where all mat n minah salleh enjoying their sunbath, only me sitting alone under the shadow like new Mrs. jackson... yela da lama x jumpe matahari kan.... hehhh.... but i really  enjoyed the sunshine in Europe.... ooo yeah i missed my bus! DAMN! ke hulur ke hilir macam org gile...... bile stat summer construction pon stat la di sana cnih....

London to France by Seafrance Ferry.... a bit taste of France bak kata hairul huhuhhh......

The White Cliff, DOVER

our Tour Bus for 15 days!!! nice bus, nice seat, andddd nice driver!

well..... 1st place to visit when you travel.. where else??? the tax free shopping!

enjoying the fresh sea air~~~~

berlegar2 an

Belgie for Belgium Chocolates!!!!

chocolate heaven!

free chocolate tasting! the white chocolate ~~~ aaaaaaa~~~ aku di awangan


racing car anyone?

cute baby elephant?? froggies???

hahhhh cupa cup pon aku angkut ;p

jakun 1st time tgk turbo wind....anyway along aour journey to amsterdam (1st campsite), very green scenery and loads of cows (lembu peta dunia erti kata lain lembu susu)

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