Wednesday, 2 July 2008

EUROPE TOUR Day 2 - Vollendam > Amsterdam, Holland

UITDAM Campsite

our very 1st campsite where we learnt how to set up the tent! hmm quite tricky for people like me (1st timer setting up the tent although i've been sleeping in tents for quite some times in high school...)  but it was just for the 1st time  set it up and down again, after that, very easy! So IMO, Uitdam was the best campsite we were in, the lake scenery is just too beutiful, not to forget the sunrise! Few nights of the trip, i woke up really early for Subuh, sunrise was at about 5, so the first morning, i got the chance to walk around the campsite area enjoying the sunrise over the lake.. with cute ducks and pretty swans swimming in the lake... and the nightssss after that few nights.. well .. this small body start to feel the comfort of sleeping in the tent on the camping mat, start enjoying the warmth of wrapping inside the sleeping bag huwaaaaahhhhhh best oo... so understandable.... subuh ke mana la kan and  need to mention that this campsite require a 1 Euro token for shower, well 1 token is equal to 4 minutes running water from that shower head... so be prepared ok to train yourself for that 4-minutes shower hehehh.... yeah i succeed to do that!

See how clear the water is!!!!! wait it was sea, not lake.. i am sorry for the wrong fact uhuhuhh

The dam - major part ogf Holland are under sea level... pretty amazing isn't it?

Irene Hoeve Cheese & Clog Factory

Warning: The cheese area was quite smelly, but the clog area was very nice, nice clog-making demonstrater

there, the nice and funny demonstrator..... Holland man anyone?

Cheese tasting..the smoke cheese is nyummy! the originial one?? yukkssssss

take a look at the traditional widmill on the way to Volendam... and yeah loads of fat sheep on the way too.. geramm!!

Volendam Fishing Village

we are nearly there!

Very Hot and shiny day in Volendam!!! hotter than malaysia i guess.. notice the very nice shape of buildings in Holland..i like! colourful!

diamond cutting!

Holland Pancake... yeah i know they don't look like pancakes.. but they are really pancakes! hehehhh... very sweet..nice to have by the sea

after pancakes, ice cream!!! under the heat of the sun, just perfect! oo yeah, bicycles are like the 1st favorite for transportation in Holand, very cool! i want to have one of their modern-traditional bicycle, sounds weird but it really looks like it sounds, the modern version of basikal tua, cool tau!

And finallyyyyy... tadaaaaa!!! us in Dutch lady costume!! hihiiiii

I AM Sterdam!

Amsterdam City Centre

Liberalism , cause there were kids walking with so, niat terbantut nak masok ahahaha

The so famous Red Light District of Amserdam.....

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