Thursday, 3 July 2008

EUROPE TOUR Day 6 - Venice, Italia


We spent all day wandering around this very famous island

boarding the boat from our campsite in Fusina to Venice

on the boat trying to learn some last minute basic italian languange

kalau g venice tak sah kalau x naik bnde ni kan... inilah dia Gondola! or locally called Gondole

Doges Palace

happy playing with the fat pegeons at San Marco Square

wuhuuuu original italian pizza!

Bridges of Sighs

the Roman Clock

with Mr Udo, our very nice and friendly driver for 15 days!

resting outside Ferragamo..nak masuk tak mampu kan hihihh

yuhuuuu exciting!!!! Gonola ride

he's not so friendly huhuhh

Rialto Bridge behind us

very very old and antique city

Italian Laces

you MUST try the gelati when you are in Venice!!! nikmat tak terkata weyyyy!!! i dare to say its the best ice cream in my life!

Venetian Masks

selling prada, gucci, etc... huhuhhhh.. from this pint onwards, i started walk wandering around venice alone so just playing around with the camera.... thought to wait until night to see Venice at night but just too afraid of not finding the way home huhuhhh

the origin of Mr. Casanova

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