Thursday, 3 July 2008

EUROPE TOUR Day 5 - Innsbruck > Austria > Verona, Italia

last night we arrived at this campsite with a heavy downpour! so everyone was kinda not in the mood for camping except for 1 family... so wallah!!! nikmat tak terkata dapat tdo atas katil weyy hehehhhhh.... me, tiqah, syida and nani were in the same cabin (more to mobile house).. it was very comforting and clean! we slept pretty late that night playing nani's nintendo yeah for me this is the 2nd most beutiful campsite ever! it is surrounded with sky-high mountains, where u barely could see the top of the mountains..o yeah and we helped the crew cook nasi lemak as well hihiiiiii..... kene sebut tu!

our mobile house

breakfast every morning

sian udo hari2 kne susun beg dlm bus huhuhh

waiting to take off... most favorite game...... "I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYES SOMETHING BEGINNING WITHHHHHH..........." enjoyed the game a lot!

beutiful scenery along the journey to Innsbruck


me and nani was wondering which country is it? Osterreich??? when we looked at the EURO 2008 timetable at one of the campsite..and now i found the was Austria la neng huhuhhh

Innsbruck IMO is a very old but beutiful city

The Golden Balcony

do you know Swarovski comes from Austria? now i know

who watch Britain's Got Talent must have heard of these words...

there, colorful buildings again...... meriah sungguh!

tried some Apple Strudel..nyummy!

PORTUGAL!!!!! i'm a big fan huhuhhh

on the way to ITALIA


well Verona is a place of Shakespere.... where his very famous Romeo and Juliet poem story was inspired i started to see loads of designers outlet! realizing i already stepped on the country of world leading fashion... where else if not Italia.....nak cuci mata pon x berani huhuhhhhh

Juliet House.. the balcony where Juliet always waiting for her Romeo......huhuhhhhh romantic seyhhh

Miss Juliet

the door into her house

people hoping and praying for eternity love huwargggggggghhhhhh

the 2nd udo said, colosseum is 6 times bigger than this

yup, its toilet!

there's yellow light for pedestrians???

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