Tuesday, 22 July 2008

EUROPE TOUR Day 8 - Roma, Italia

The finest weather of all is in Rome!

The Vatican City
this city is like the Mekah for Christian. it's actually a small country in Rome, it's not Italy

'Q'ing to get into the Vatican City

the Swiss polices are the ones who taking care of this city

while waiting for others to go see the Colosseum

we are back to Rome now huhuhhh

this ship-like building used to be a prison

tadaaaaa guysss i'm in front of the great Colosseo

with the "Gladiators"

Arco di Costantino

inside the Colosseum... well i went inside alone hoping to find K.laili and abg mus inside to join them.....

these things are under the fighting stage which has ruined..hmm mungkin tempat penjara n simpan binatang2 kot.. u know if u watch gladiator

Amad yg comel!

dgn kakak pulak

i can't see myself sitting there watching people fight and kill people errrrrr seramm

Foro Romano

modern doors??? confused

again.... the colosseum.... i'm amazed with it.. really!

was it a parade or tunjuk perasaan?

can someone translate them for me?

Piazza Venezia..... looks like a typewriter

The Pantheon

Trevi Fountain.... very beutiful but tricky to get a good picture.. too many people!

there... cantik kan?

guess where is this?? yup.. the metro station to our camp site! scary! macam lorong haji taib pon ade huhu

and the metro...... sgt menakutkan ..... be VERY careful with the door! kalau terkepit mmg teros mati hahaaa.. bunyik pintu tertutup macam bom meletup

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