Thursday, 3 July 2008

EUROPE TOUR Day 4 - Fussen, Germany

at our 2nd campsite, i forgot the name, but obviously we didn't stay in that caravan.. but ALL of us including Hairul & Najib.. there was loads, i really mean LOADS of caravans in this area.. they look like private area, private houses something with address with street name! i wonder if people here really live here all year..must be not..


Neuchwanstein Castle


horses ride up the mountain.... cewahh cam raje2 dulu pulak hahahh

another castle near the Neuchwanstein Castle... yellow color

This fairytale castle is very beutiful! but unfortunately not so many pictures can be taken here as the castle is very gmbr dr jauhjerla.. oh well, this castle inspired mr. disney for his disneyland fairytale castle...quite a resemblance there

the best part! the area surrounding the castle... there was waterfall, lakes, mountains... sangat cantik!!!! those kids are lucky to still be kids!! huhuhhhh

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