Wednesday, 2 July 2008

EUROPE TOUR Day 3 - Koblenz > Frankfurt, Germany


Now we are in Germany everyone!!! Udo's hometown! hihihhh

Koblenz is actually a place nearby the Rhein River... the scenery was very beutiful! with houses and grapevines along it

i can't quite remember whose the monument represents... but this area.. ya Rabbi!!! terik tak hingattt!!!

kak laili's and abg mus's kids.... penyeri trip kami! kakak and amad!! rindu kamu berdua!!!

cute sightseeing train

Berlin Walls left in that area


the tallest building in frankfurt city..... seriously, like you are looking at a very ig giant ball pen in the middle of big city !

you walk only when the light is green! funny la besar gila!

LOADS of banks in Frankfurt! and german men with suit on their bicycle.. cute!

love the building!

whats left from Roman Era

see how nicely weird the buildings are hehehhh .. see what i mean? why the hell does all the window blinds are outside the window?????

how i miss u guys... KMS peeps.. suke sgt wat gaya2 cani kann hahaaa seems didn't work with me alone

yes i ate their icecream ngehngehhhh

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