Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Driving Practices & How My Career Starts

phewwwww just got back from my 1st driving practicing, nope, I'm not in process of getting driving license, I already got the full one! huhuhhhh but haven't drive for.... mmmmm I would say 4 years! yup 4 years guys hahahhh.... Last time I drive was after A-Level, I was going to drop my sister at his friend's when I hit our neighbor fence Thank God-ly, I didn't hurt the fence but the car was injured, after that I couldn't remember myself on the wheel again. Last Saturday my dad forced me to test-drive with him using my sis's car which is auto (all cars at my house are auto anyway huhuhhh). It was ok, it was just a bit hard for me to control the steering. Well, we didn.t go far anyway, just around the housing area and filled up the tank.

This morning I started learning back formally. I like the instructor! He's a chinese. His way of teaching is so simple yet very clear and easy for me to understand. Yesterday the driving school boss called me asking if I want a lady instrustor or don't mind man instructor. I don't mind really and today while driving he kept saying sorry when he had to touch my hands to control the steering and gear. It shows how sensitive they are and I respect him for that, but please I really don't mind that. So yup I hate driving manual, he told me I can use my own automatic car after 2 or 3 times driving the school car just to make sure I'm confidence enough to handle the steering. So there we were, he didn't train me at driving school but on road instead. Definately I practiced a bit on empty housing area, played with the gear, what clutch for, U-turn etc etc.... then we went makan angin hehehhh... and yeah since forever I always found the hardest part of driving manuals is at the traffic light I killed the engine twice today bleghhhhh.... only that. This is when auto cars come handy to me. There, I'll practice again tomorrow morning if the sky is clear.

On the other story, I did medical checkup at my becoming workplace last Monday. I was exhausted and it made my head felt a bit heavier than usual. It may caused by the rain, well who knows rain at factory site may cause more harm to human being... anyway, I was there ALL day! Exhausted! I don't care about me but I was concerned about Pakcik MN, he had to wait for that long hours! We reached at around 930am. I went to HR. The person who supposed to take care of me wasn't there so the receptionist guy passed me to En. R to handle it. He gave me all the forms I need to fill in and then straight to the clinic to have my medical checkup done. After that we went to another clinic which was a bit far to do X-Ray. Came back to HR to talk about which department I should be fit in. As En. R didn't know that I was coming that day, he didn't prepared anything. To make it worse, the ED department which suit my strength well didn't has any vacancy at the moment. So he has to find other departments by checking with every single of them. One vacancy available for me was in PPC (Production Planning & Control). He wanted me to meet the boss first to discuss about it, to see if either me or them think that I suit with the work nature or not.

So, we meet at 2, before that we had lunch with my friend and Pakcik MN. I met with two different departments but confusingly look like the same for me. They both are more into Project Managment rather than involve in technical stuff. So the benefit is if I joined either one, I can assure that my management skill will be top-notch, However I will be lacking with technical skills What u think huh???

So everything is not confirmed yet, he will call me later as it was too late it was already the end of office hour and I didn't want Pakcik MN to wait any longer. So now I just wait and see and if everything is Ok, I can start work on 3rd November.. yippieee I am exciting but at the same time nervous if I can't meet their expectation huhhhhh....

Short notes:
My newly born niece won't be here until Saturday! Boringggg!!!!
I think I'm losing a very dear friend

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  1. Do be carefull and drive safely... and remember to never drive distracted!