Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A Rather Bad News, Or Is It Good News?

I called the HR guy this afternoon asking about the job I supposed to start this Monday. It turned out I don't fit both departments I went to last time (both are project management basis). Or in harsh way I was RE-JEC-TED!. I should really asked why. Strange enough. How could they be so enthusiastic and exciting promoting to me about each of their department so that convinced me to choose them and now... you are telling me this?

Yes Great! Even one of them told me right on my face how suit I am with their management team according to the details on my CVs. I'm not angry. I'm just a bit dissapointed to be treated that way. Maybe it's my ego. They may have their reason for it. You know what? It's like when the man in your dream come proposing to you on a romantic beach only to know he was just practicing his speech to propose to another woman (Yes, I was addicted to Sindarela series) Anyway, As I've secured a place there, whatever it is, they already hired me, the problem is to find a department for me.. ohh well... So my report duty date is postponed to another date I don't know when.

Buttttt after all that rambling, I went "YESSSSSSSS!!!!" right after the phone call hahaaa The reason?? I've been thinking about the departments (yes the project management thing) quite deeply. As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be lack of technical skill which means my 4 years of EEE degree will mostly go waste into the drain. Yup I agreed to the fact that people usually do works they never did during study which means we still have to learn about the work stuff all over again as we start the career. Eventhough I'm not yet have a clear idea about what I really want to do as my career goal, deep inside me I know I don't want to throw away my hardship to get my degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I have to embrace that and I want to feel that I deserve to get a good career which I can relate to it.

Honestly, I took everything for granted and now I regret it. On the positive side, it wakes me up from the take-it-easy and procrastinating me.

Now I'm panic! Got to job hunting another job! Yes GOT TO!!!

All this makes me realise just how hard it is actually to get a job.

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