Saturday, 1 November 2008

Engine Transmission

The HR called me again yesterday. I talked with another Head of Department. That is something to do with Engine Transmission. I can't really write about the job scope as I'm not yet very clear of it myself but it definitely technical. I like! They need replacement for one of their staff is retiring soon.

What I can remember is he said something that the department is more towards engine assembly; is related with electronic bits; the production is high; etc etc..

He asked whether I have seen any car engine? I answered "No".. yeah what did u expect huhuhhh (other than on the internet or magazine  ) He sounds fun, nothing serious so I had a relax conversation, BTW he laughed more than me, cool.

Finally I asked "How many staff in the department?"

"Roughly 400. At the moment all men including 1 woman. Bukan laki, JANTAN sume. Ngeri tak?" End with his signature laugh.

ooookeyyyyy thats a liiitleeee scaryyy! dushhhhhhhh!

Anyway, I don't want to put any hope on this. who knows same thing might happen as last time. I will keep job hunting. Will hear from HR again this Monday.

Short notes:
My stuff reached me yesterday! yippieeeee!!!!
I tried some trousers. They are tight!!!! OMG!!!! I'm getting fat!!!!!!!
I weigh 45 now, goshhhhhhhh 5 kg gained in 2 months! WTF!!!!


  1. you, 45 kg?  not possible.the scale must have been broken. go check on another one!

  2. x berani nk cek on another scale huhuhhhhhhhh 

  3. 400 ORANG LAKI!!!! HORRORNYE!! tapi mak aku kate environment camtu lagik bagus sbb they will treat you extremely well. yelah dah bape kerat je pompuan...ko 45kg tipuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jeles2 i would kill to have your weight!

  4. @zatul - hahaaaa yer kalau nk treat well, kalau kne buli cana pulak huhuhhhhentahla aku pon cam da tawar hati je nk kje sana tu, byk kali kol, asek2 respon dokumen x siap lagi, pngesahan bos x dapat lagi, aku rase tu sume alasan2 je la, entah2 diorg pon nk cut pkerja gak kot huhuhhh..anywayyyyy... 45 kg untuk ketinggian aku adalah sgt x best ye!!! waaaaaaaa kne turun kene turun!!

  5. sure x kene buli nye. derang akan treat you like a princess kekekekeke mane tau jodoh nanti kekekeitula pasal.. skang ni mak aku kate ekonomi cam nk meleset, ramai nk cut workers... sedihnye.. aku lagik le belum dpt keje.. kalo dpt tawaran spa nanti, aku rembat aje la. better keje kat gov drpd kat swasta time2 gawat camni..ain x kate ko dh gemok ke? nnti aku tanye die :P (aku lupe yg ko rummet die time kat jasin..)