Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My First Day ^_^

How was it? EXCITING! :D I went out home earrrlyyyy in the morning.. goshhhh it was like fasting month, i awake at 545am.. more, i kept rousing last night to check the time, afraid of overslept.. yeah me wake up at 6?? naaaaa ... Got out from home at 7am.. worried of traffic jam, but i ended up arrived at 720 huhuuu... road seems pretty clear and easy for amateur driver, me that is *wink* as well as the empty parking area made things easy..

I was quite surprised to learn that it was not just me reporting for duty today.... stupid ha? huhuhh... it's the start of the year la! there were 10 of us and only 2 are fresh grads! others are quite experienced at least compared to me.. and then we were joined by another 5 whose already started their job and one of them was a friend i knew during the kelana konvoy last summer huhuuu... it was really cool to be among totally strangers.. i like..  tomorrow i heard a senior back in KMS will be joining us... what a small world it is kan?

hrmmm so this week will be totally an induction week... talks, tour.. and yeah we will be going to the factory in Perak this thursday! yippieeee! i love move move and move... static? no no! today full of talks.. from the preview of the company to the corporate communication and HR.. finally before went back home we were met up with our 'Buddy' for this whole probation period... so that we will feel more at home when joining the appointed department.. my buddy is ok.. i think i can move along with him pretty well... I just don't like the way he looked at me though huhuuu...  we'll look into it later how it goes.. after chatting with him for a while, i was even more enthuastic to start my job there heheeee :D

Anyway, being 'me', i fooled myself few times today.. gaaaaaa... so fresh grad, no EPF... need thumb prints... it was ackward... i can't remember when was the last time i did it... i was so weird the Mr.  in charge asked me to stand and there... hahaaa semua org gelak... then after lunch (oooo yeah i was surprised to look at the food prices! one lauk for 2.50??? gagagagaga!! maybe it's just me ...being used to not live in city area kah3.. i have no idea how food price ranged here).. anyway after lunch i've got to go to one department to settle a form, i forgot my birth certificate number anyway.. so as any other office, only permitted person are allowed to get in, so i just followed a guy walking into the office and when i was in, 2 of the officers blurted "aik camna boleh terlepas nih?" aku sengeh je la yg termampu huhuuu... yap i forgot how the can so easily spot me as i didn't wear the uniform... siap kemeja bunga2 lagi aiyokkkkkkk seriouslyyy first timer! lastly, when we were discussing about the 'asset declaration form', i voiced out a question "macammana dengan kereta pemberian oleh mak?" noticed anything strange there??? Proper Languange! hahaaaa... everyone laughed again.... duhhhhh i think i'm very reckless sometimes... huhuuu...

there it goes... my very first day towards my life career... i know my life will change completely after this and i am starting to love it! daaaaaa look forward tomorrow!

p/s: can anyone teach me how to do smileys here? heheee very much appreciated!


  1. ey! u r here around KL eh now?

    cool! we should plan a girl-day-out lah. it's been a long time since i last hang out with you guys!

    dot, if you're reading this... i remembered u mentioned about sunway lagoon?!

    anyhow, for smilies:

    i dunno about the cute-r and more varieties of smilies. i think we would need a plug-in for that.


  2. heheee yup i'm here in USJ so anytime je if u wanna hang out... no problem!

    sunway lagoon sounds fun!

    n thanks for the smileys hihihhh :)