Tuesday, 3 February 2009

First pay slip :D

daaaaaa!!! the clerk handed over my pay slip this afternoon a.k.a my first ever Slip Gaji :D last month was solely training means i was paid to get trained on engine production huhuuu.. it supposedly ends last friday but as i'm not yet given any tasks, i 'volunteerily' requested to continue training on the machine line albeit it's not related to my job at all.. anyway, i didn't finished the training as scheduled because the first part which was the most crucial took longer than expected.. anddd i think i'm tired of training, huhhhh... i want responsibilities, i want tasks on my own... i'm tired of going to work doing nothing... looking like 'makan gaji buta' .. waiting for the clock to strike 530pm and be the first person to walk out of the office.. luckily, today my collegue is on leave so i used her pc hauling through the company's website.. read forums etc etc etc... i wonder when can i get my own pc huhhhh buhsan!

To add to that, my ooo-yeah-new-phone (bleghhhhh) gone hairwired again, it can't read or detect the memory card slot in, so i can't use the applications in there... although by any chance it reads the memory card, the applications still cannot run huhhhhhh geram! baru je anta install balik kat kedai semalam! grrrrrrrrr!! i don't think the fault is on the card, hguhhhh maybe i should ask them to change to a new phone ngeheee

ooo anyway, i'm already 24 now (haaaaa!!! too fast!) no one wishes me at the office which kinda sad really uhuks~~ and i wasn't felt very well on the day.. but thanks to u guys who wished me on my birthday! thanks a lot! (big hug :D) and biggest thanks to my sis and BIL for surprising me with 2 big slices of Chocolate Indulgence and Hazel Cheese cakes ... complete with candles blowing some more ^_^... heeee it was soo long time ago i blew a canle on my birthday.. arigato kuzaimass!!!

Honestly, i can't accept the fact that i am already 24 (hahaaa perasan budak lagik huh?) the biggest thing annoys me is 'marriage'... some of my circle friends are settling down soon.. at least getting engaged.. frankly, i can't see myself sharing life with someone else, i am enjoying the single life at the moment, i am happy being 'selfish', taking care of my own needs, no one else.. like no one business.. be friends with anyone even the guy who always park his car next to mine, guys in lines, at the offices regardless of status.. one of my training instructor asked the hard to answer question "bila nak kawen"... i don't have the answer really, just "not at the near future i suppose... tengokla 4, 5 tahun g ke" and he gave me the frown look... "ish lambat sgt tu, umor awak skrg da 24, perempuan kawen 25, 26 ok" huhhhhh blur... he got point i agree when thinking back at the 'age number', but what's important is 'the right guy at the right time'

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  1. Entah...lmbt sgt 4-5 taun tuh...kesian kt your 'RIGHT guy'..married at the 'WRONG time'...hahaha