Thursday, 5 February 2009

Engineer By Profession

The training officially ends today! yippi :lol: and I am already working on my first assignmenment :mrgreen: I need to update something to do with Standard documenting... so I sat at my place all day today staring at the screen, giving me a bit headache.. it was since yesterday when I first started browsing through my office email and the internet on my 'own' pc (finally! :wink:).. hmm after a month of training my eyes have to start getting used to it again.. the scrolling up and down the page makes my eyes :shock: tired and felt like it's been pulled out of the sockets uhuks... that's the only bad, the goods are I don't have to stare at the clock anymore and I will have something to report to the superiors in the next meeting hihiiii

The recession has made the company decided to stop the night shift on 1 of the main plant..leading to terrible traffic jem and extremely unpleasant queing to cross the main road into the parking area.. if before this week it would just take 8 minutes of my life, now it almost gone to 20 minutes! can u imagine.. plus the crossing has become even more dangerous as more motorist are blocking your way... i may need to find alternative route huh? Also its hard for me to get an easy parking lot uhuuu.. i'm still lack the parking skill huks redface


  1. Dear haja,

    alaa mslh kecik jer..i pn boley ajarkn.. REVERSE parking(tanpa buka pintu)?? no problem..TP..chargeable laa!!heheh

    Warm Regards,
    Parking Trainer

  2. ok training on "How to take care of your car" skali la... haaa servis kan keta skali ok jugak tuh haha

  3. Petang nih site visit jer tau(tlg tgkkn minyak itam kete jer)..xinclude training lg..:)