Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Good And Bad Therapy

i had my hair cut last saturday and all i can say is i'm sooo loving it!! :mrgreen: now it's a bit Rukia-like though not that straight... my hair a bit curly but the cutting is sure a quite matched resemblance... everything was not planned as i just told the girl that i cut my hair myself in the shower somewhere in May last year :roll: , so i just need to get it repaired and have the 'V' shape at the back... and i just let her do her job then... at first i wasn't very convinced with her skill, as i watched her do my sis hair beforehand... but i was like lantaklaaa da sampai da pon... and i already took off my tudung pon... and yup surprisingly i think that was the first time i am really happy with my hair cut... it has a bit styling sense in it... ohhh i'm not counting the time i had my hair rebonded last time... that was a totally different story.. before this i would just consider to have short and easy hair... thats why i didn't hesitate to cut off my own hair while showering last time.. ihiksss..

ohhh btw, i had the hair cut at PKNS for just 15ringgit... great deal huh... after that, i went to join my sis doing facial... crap! why i couldn't stop putting more damage to my skin??? huhhhhh..... i already knew my skin is so sensitive to facial... but i still love doing it.. i suppose i just love the relaxing feeling of laying down being pampered, having my face massaged with whatever products were put on and sometimes the girl would massage my head as well and at the end some of them will massage my back and that's really really pampering... i think my skin is sensitive to the painful whitehead extraction... ewwwwww..... i'm badly cursing whoever invented that extraction method grrrr.... most of the time it'll left me with red bumps on my cheeks area right after the facial, and now i can feel 2 spots on my skin dushhhhh! :mad: and only God knows when i can finally get rid off the scars it left me with blughhhhh..... last time i had facial, saja gatal2 i tried the collagen facial and guess what, my cheek was full with small bumps and it was ugly ok! i swear to myself to not go to facial ever again albeit the relaxing time... butt i'll consider if one does not use the typical whitehead extraction method... any recommendation anyone?

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