Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Helooo MR. !!

Hello My Mr. Solid White Neo CPS

na naaaa.... not mine! but will be... one day!

as yesterday post, this morning after finished printed out the drawings, i went straight to the repair area hikhikkk.... and as expected from the guys there... "ha da sampai dah" hahahhh... and oh my.... i was 'I want this car really bad and QUICK!!' it was so cool... the colour is just perfect... well my fav - solid white... sporty... myyy... the sport rim, the SPOILER!! goshhhh... the fully leathered interior... low sporty height.... etc etc etc.... and yeah the very simple interior design

i was so eager to test drive the car, the supervisor there also allowed me to..but as it already has it's owner, i have to respect the owner right? i won't like it if strangers playing around with my car... but nonetheless, i did step in the car ihiksss.... the guys there were really support me to get and book the car quick! uhhhhhhhhh i need to wait at least another 2 months i think huwaaaaahhhhhh!!

I want!!


New tudung, pretty cool.. I love!

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