Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Change now or....?

One of my office mates is leaving us soon... thus the boss is looking for someone to take his place.. he's not from my group, he's from the other group we call "Machining" guys... they deal with machining process of raw engine parts i.e. cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft, bearing caps and so on.. u go figure..

The boss did asked me if I wanna go to the Machining group since it looks like my group is ok without another 1 member... and my answer was... without giving a thought into it...

"I think I am happy with assembly group"


goshhhhhhh!!! do some thinking before u answer la weyyy???? ga ga gaaaaaa lady GAGA!!!!

OHHH anywayyy... anyone possess Lady GAGA - Poker Face Acoustic version mp3 file??? Care to pass it on to me for share??? Please!! I'm so obsess with it at the moment!!

For now, watch this

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