Thursday, 22 October 2009


i started to futsal again.. but this time was with other different team from last time.. well u know i don't really got girlfriends at work.. since there are only 4 of us in my department which reach up to 500 i guess.. 2 of them are married so they don't socialise much... and a 2-year senior from me who sit next to me at the office... hrmmm i just think that we are not at the same wavelength in major things.. but we do get well sometime though.. and i am not the type who just get along easily with everyone.. sometimes it shows but most of the time just merely fake.. or i just have a high extra good mood at the time.. well last time i joined my friend's team from r&d but they are slowing down now on the activity... and yesterday i got an email from a girl from other department who i am working with in one of the projects i'm currently involve.. and it turns out that she is one of the.. should i say lucky? ;) :person that i can befriend with.. (befriend in my interpretation as i am being myself when around the person).. she asked me to join their team & they played quite regularly every thirsday night... i was like helll yeah!! i'm so looking forward to working out & sweating my shirt off!

They are so fun & i enjoyed every single thing although i never knew them, and some of them are just like me.. well loud while playing hahahh... most of the time when i'm shouting at my teammate to pass the ball to me, i just shout 'babe!' as i don't know a single name in the play hahahhh ;) .... hope i can get well with the team huh...

hrmm it seems like i am immune to be around strangers and being a totally stranger myself :D i like!

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